New Comics Wednesday (3/2/11)

Just in time for my trip to Seattle and the Emerald City Comicon, here are the comics I’ll be getting this week.

  • Brightest Day #21
  • Green Lantern #63
  • Incognito: Bad Influences #4–Yes!
  • Irredeemable #23
  • Powers #7–Did you hear that FX ordered a pilot? If picked up, I will be watching.
  • Secret Six #31–New to my pull list. I just read the first trade and enjoyed it. Plus Oddfellow raves about this comic.
  • Teen Titans #92–Actually, this came out last week, but I didn’t think I needed a new post for just one item.

As I wrote earlier, I plan to post my summaries per day of the con, as well as tweeting any interesting tidbits. Hope to see you there!

One thought on “New Comics Wednesday (3/2/11)

  1. Leonard Snart's Gun March 2, 2011 / 10:10 am

    You can add mine and my wife’s raves to Secret Six. I find that Gail Simone writes some damn fine books.


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