Pull List Review (1/26/11 Comics)

Detective Comics #873: So last time I was complaining about how un-Batman Dick Grayson has been portrayed. Well, I take it back with the events of this issue. Not only is he shown as competent, but Scott Snyder integrates Dick’s circus life as a means to help save his own life. Overall, however, I didn’t think this 3-part story was all that great. It wasn’t bad, just ehh. Sorry, Oddfellow. ;)

Teen Titans #91: There’s really only two things that are interesting in this issue. One is the relationship that Robin and Ravager are forging. It’s funny and kinda creepy how well Ravager gets along with the 9-year-old sociopath. The second was the Wonder Girl/Superboy breakup that was sad, but also predictable. I am starting to really like Nicola Scott’s art on the book. I guess I’m getting used to it.

Wonder Woman #606: The one thing about Wonder Woman that has always bothered me is that she is an Amazon, trained in the arts of war, yet she rarely employs those arts, i.e., she doesn’t kill her enemies enough. Now, I’m not advocating she get all Punisher in the DCU, but I would like to see her BE an Amazon when the need arises. In this issue, I get that Amazon. The only real stinker of the story to me was when the enemy soldiers have Diana surrounded and their automatic weapons trained on her, she threatens them with a spear saying, “Who among you dies first?” And they all run away. Pssh.

Zatanna #9: Umm, what? 12 pages of the main story (and the first page barely counts, while the last page is a splash page)?! Is this a direct result of the change to 20 pages of story? Anyway, I complained in my New Comics post about these issues that I expected Zatarra to show up–AGAIN–in this issue, and he did, twice! But I didn’t mind since him being in the stories made sense. In the main story, he shows up in a flashback sequence, while in the backup he collects his young daughter after she stops a thief (in a pretty cool way, I might add). Here’s something from left field: does anyone else see a parallel with those old bondage stories in Wonder Woman and the situations where Zatanna is rendered mute, usually by being gagged in some way, thus rendering her powers useless? Maybe it’s just me. :)

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