New Comics Wednesday (2/9/11)

Here are the comics I’m getting this week (it’s a lot!):

  • Adventure Comics #523–Phil Jimenez on a Legion book? SOLD!
  • Batgirl #18–OMG, the awesomeness continues!!!
  • Batman & Robin #20–I’m putting that Absence nonsense behind me….
  • Birds of Prey #9
  • DC Universe: Legacies #9
  • Incognito: Bad Influences #3–Really, you should go read the first trade and then read this.
  • Superman #708
  • Unwritten #22

Also out this week is the first (HC) trade of the Justice League: Generation Lost year-long, bi-weekly series. I’m kind of mad at DC for not better hyping this book. If I’d known more about it and the schedule, I might have picked it up in floppies, but now I guess I’ll have to settle for the trades.

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