Pull List Review (1/5/11 Comics)

Yeah, I was lazy last week (but I did catch up on some tv!). But here is my review of comics that came out much earlier this month (with more reviews coming this week!).

Brightest Day #17: I wish I would have gotten the Aquaman variant cover, but still, this is a nice painted cover by David Finch. As far as the story … excuse me, I threw up a little in my mouth. Why? Because not only did last issue feature Dove kissing Deadman, but this issue shows them post-coitus the next day. BLECH! Doesn’t DC know that I am the only man that Dove needs? (Yes, I know how sexist that sounds. C’mon! It’s a cartoon character!) And I don’t think Dove would have an apron with a Dove printed on it (talk about sexist). I do like the Deadman sequence in this issue with him reconnecting with his grandfather.

Firestorm’s sequence is very short, and kind of a let down after last issue’s cliffhanger. It seems he didn’t blow up the world/universe, but was transported to the antimatter universe. Time for a rematch with Deathstorm!

Finally, the bulk of this issue is a long fight scene between the Hawks and Shiera’s mother, Khea. With the Hawks captured, Carol Ferris rides in on the Predator to save the day, sort of. The Predator is drawn to Khea and inhabits her, turning her into the human-looking Predator we’ve seen before. I loved Hawkgirl’s comment to Carol about her “dragon”. When Carol informs her that it is the “entity of love”, Hawgirl says, “I’d hate to see what the entity of hate looks like.” Shiera needs to read Green Lantern #61 (or my review of it)!

Irredeemable #21: We get more of Tony’s fantasy world where he is the good guy again and the world loves him. Meanwhile, in a plot twist that really wasn’t, and really obvious, Survivor continues to be a dick and appears to be heading down the same path as the Plutonian in terms of turning on those he’s supposed to be friends with and protect. I was kind of disappointed to find what Tony’s alien captors are doing with him. I expected something other than using him as super-powered, zombie manual labor. But when the physical, real world intrudes in on Tony’s ordered hallucination, he starts to come out of it. Much bloodshed will, I assume, ensue. It’s looking more and more like I’ll be done with this series very soon. It just isn’t going anywhere interesting anymore.

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