New Comics Wednesday (1/26/11)

Here’s what’s being released today that I’ll be buying:

  • Detective Comics #873–I started reading this three-parter based on Oddfellow’s recommendation. It’ll be interesting to see how Dick gets himself out of the mess he’s in.
  • Teen Titans #91–I came for Wonder Girl (oh, that just sounds really dirty, huh?) and Nicola Scott art, but it’s Ravager and Robin that makes me stick around.
  • Wonder Woman #606–More alterna-Wonder Woman goodness (yes, I said it).
  • Zatanna #9–Let’s see if Zatarra will make yet another appearance, shall we? /sarcasm

I was looking through the DC Comics April solicitations and saw a couple things I’m interested in:

  • Action Comics #900–900! Wow. I’m a sucker for anniversary issues, so I may have to get this.
  • Batwoman #1–This finally debuts! And it’s already on my pull list.

As far as trades, there are some that are being released over the next few months that interest me (if this is the April solicitations list, why do these show up now?):

  • Batgirl: The Flood (May)–The second trade of this series. Go. Order it. You’re welcome.
  • The Mighty Crusaders (May)–Yeah, yeah. It’s written by JMS and it tanked sales-wise, but I still want to read these new versions of the Red Circle/Archie characters.
  • Superboy and the LSH: The Early Years (May)–This actually collects Adventure Comics #515-520, but I still want to read this LSH companion story.
  • Legion Lost HC (June)–I’ll wait for the trade, but this is the whole Legion Lost story in one volume, and I’ve always wanted to read that.
  • Infinity Inc: The Generations Saga vol. 1 HC (June)–For you 1980s Infinity-ers. Remember when Todd McFarlane used to draw things around the page in this comic?

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