Pull List Review (12/29/10 Comics)

Here are the comics I read that came out on my birthday. I have to say I was fairly pleased with them all.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1: When this was first announced, I wondered how well an artist would do being the writer too. You would think an artist could do a good job telling a story in general–it’s what they do to a large degree already in taking the words from the writer and presenting them visually–but interestingly, that isn’t always the case. And then, DC announced that David Finch would be getting a co-writer, and the issue release was delayed, and I thought uh oh. I had heard from people who read this issue before me that it wasn’t so hot from a writing standpoint, but I have to say I enjoyed this issue. It wasn’t Grant Morrison enjoyable, but it didn’t suck Bat Mite’s toes either. The art, of course, is pretty darn good. I like Finch’s style. It reminds me of a cleaner, more dynamic Jim Lee. In fact, his art (specifically his work on Batman #700) was what pulled me to read this first issue in the first place. Of course, the inker, Scott Williams, may have a lot to do with this look, I just don’t know yet. I don’t care for Finch’s interpretation of Killer Croc, but his Penguin is creepy (in a good way). And he draws Batman like he should be drawn: like a guy who works out but isn’t too big; it actually reminds me of how Batman is shown in the Batman: Arkham Asylum game. I’ll at least read the first storyline to see how it goes.

Green Lantern #61: This issue is mostly a fight between the Rage Entity, the Butcher, and the Spectre, but the bookends of the story are what make this interesting. At the beginning, Atrocitus kills an abusive husband, but also his wife, and then uses their blood to search for the Butcher. During this murder, Atrocitus tells us how much he hates being on Earth and hates the people on it. Then, at the end, when Spectre is about to judge the man, James Kim, that was possessed by the Butcher and killed the man who killed Kim’s daughter, Atrocitus steps in saying that Spectre’s judgement is wrong. Having saved Kim’s life, Atrocitus flies off telling us how he still hates the people of Earth, most of them anyway. It’s not great literature, certainly, but it’s better than most, courtesy of Geoff Johns.

One last thing, when Spectre is goaded into judging Atrocitus instead of Kim, Spectre announces that Atrocitus’s mission against Krona is a holy one. Interesting for what’s coming up in the book, but also interesting that Spectre’s master, “God”, is interested in the cosmic happenings of the DCU.

Teen Titans #90: Okay, for this issue at least, I remove my complaint about how Nicola Scott is drawing Wonder Girl. WG looks good in this issue. Scott’s Beast Boy, on the other hand…. I know we’re only two issues in, but I’m not liking this Feral Boy story so far. It’s not bad, it’s just not that interesting yet (or maybe at all). I know not every comic can be OMG! Earth Shattering Event!!! but I kind of wish this new creative team would have done something a little more splashy. Anyway, I’m liking J. T. Krul’s characterizations of the team better this issue too. He and Scott seem more relaxed this issue than their last. I love the dynamic between Ravager and Robin, and how Wonder Girl is trying to hold it all together. There’s some potentially good stories in those two situations alone.

I also read Detective Comics #872. The issue has a great looking cover. Like the previous issue, it was not bad. I wish that Dick would have picked up on the clues that are spelled out for us before he succumbs to poison gas, but who knows? Maybe next issue we’ll see that Dick was prepared enough. He is the gosh-darn Batman now, after all. :)

4 thoughts on “Pull List Review (12/29/10 Comics)

  1. Leonard Snart's Gun January 14, 2011 / 8:45 am

    I assume the things with Atrocitus are going to be made more manifest as Emerald Warriors goes along and in the new Red Lanternd series.

    Which reminds me: Luthor’s taken over Action Comics, the Red Lanterns are getting their own series…where’s my Rogues monthly, dammit!


    • oddfellow January 15, 2011 / 8:18 am

      I hear Milligan is going to be writing the Red Lantern series. I may have to pick that up and I don’t care about Lanterns at all.


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