New Comics Wednesday (1/5/11)

New comics for a new year! (Though, not many this week for me.)

  • Brightest Day #17
  • Irredeemable #21

Did you hear that DC is bringing back the Letters Pages to their titles soon? Do we even care? I do recall when I learned that the letter pages were going away from comics that I was disappointed, but now? I don’t miss them. I don’t care to have them. What about you?

My wonderful wife bought me a ton of comic trades to read for Christmas and my birthday. Here’s what I have been or will read soon:

  • Batgirl: Batgirl Rising–This is a Bryan Q. Miller masterpiece (so far). I am in love with this comic right now! I originally bought #14 because of the cover and liked it. Then I bought #15 and enjoyed it a lot. Then this trade and I fell in love. I will have to go buy all the issues now and collect this from now on. !!!Go read this comic!!! (Does this fulfill our bargain, Mr. Miller? :D)
  • Crisis on Multiple Earths v1-5–I’ve always enjoyed the few JLA/JSA team ups that were published in my time, so I wanted to read the older stuff. Thanks, DC, for collecting these.
  • DC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories v1-2–Ok, these are just sick. I know it was a different time, but the blatant sexism verges on misogyny, I swear. I enjoyed the first volume more than the second. And what Superman allowed Jimmy Olsen to do to Kara was just sick and wrong (I don’t care that it was an imaginary tale)!
  • Hawkman: Wings of Fury–I don’t know why exactly, but I love this character, and the series was written by Geoff Johns. Seems like a good match. Enjoyable, but nothing all that great. My last trade of this series.
  • Incognito: Go. Read. This. NOW. I just finished this one and OMG it’s so much fun! I must find the sequel.
  • Maggie the Mechanic (A Love & Rockets book)–I’ve always wanted to read Love & Rockets and this is where I’m starting.
  • Showcase Presents: Legion of Super-Heroes v1–I’ve just been wanting to read the beginnings of some comics I’ve loved for a long time.
  • Showcase Presents: Teen Titans v1 & 2–Ditto.
  • Superman: Kryptonite: Tim Sale’s art just kills me. There’s a scene where a scared Clark Kent goes home and the way Martha Kent calls for Jonathan while hugging her boy breaks my heart. Beautifully rendered by Mr. Sale, and well written by Darwyn Cooke.
  • The Walking Dead v12 & 13–Finally getting caught up with this series.

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