My Comics History: October 1978

Last time I examined what comics I bought and remember seeing on store shelves in September, 1978, the month I began collecting comics. This time, I want to take a look at what came out the following month. What did I buy, what do I remember about that time?

Well, as you can see, I only have two comics listed. Either my memory is very faulty, or more likely it was that I had very limited funds to buy comics at that time. My mother also sort of frowned on my wasting money on comics, but since she had just divorced and moved us kids to the middle of nowhere she probably figured that if something like that brought me some joy she wouldn’t tell me no. I really wish I could ask her about things like this….

Amazing Spider-Man #188: What an awesome cover! But wth is Spidey doing with a belt buckle spotlight? I mean, it’s sort of cool, but c’mon, really? Jigsaw was not worthy to be the “villain” of the issue, and I remember him being a whiny, jumpy guy–how did he ever maintain any control over his henchmen? I don’t have this issue any longer, but I think I’m going to add it to my wishlist.

Green Lantern #112: This being the second part of the story I must have kept an eye on the magazine stand at that corner store for this issue. This and the previous issue must have cemented my love of Alan Scott and his costume. The original Green Lantern is my favorite of the Golden Age heroes, and that’s why the lack of real involvement of Alan in this summer’s “The Dark Things” JLA/JSA cross-over was so disappointing to me. Not to mention the inclusion of the Starheart, which debuted in these two 1978 issues of Green Lantern. Funny how everything old is new again, huh?

Also out this month from DC was Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #247. I didn’t actually get that issue until a few years later when my mother was shopping at Goodwill. Man, I went back to Goodwill for months hoping I’d find more comics, but I never really did. Out from Marvel was Marvel Tales #99, the continuation of one of the trio of comics I first bought the previous month. I never did find that issue, though I was able to read it only recently.

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