Pull List Review (11/24/10 Comics)

Batman and Robin #17: The first post-Morrison issue, written by Paul Cornell, with Scott McDaniel on art. Meh. This is a shade of Morrison with the wacky villain, but there’s too much in-your-face humor for my taste. In other words, this creative team is not quite up to the legacy (can I really say that for something that’s only lasted 16 issues?) of what came before. Is that fair to say? Probably not, but how do you follow Morrison without the inevitable comparisons? Plus, I just don’t care for McDaniel’s art. I didn’t like it on Nightwing, and, if anything, it looks a little too much like Mark Bagely’s stuff. The real question here is do I read the next several issues waiting for the next creative team to show us what they got?

Batwoman #0: O. M. G. I LOVE THAT COVER! For a zero issue, this was not bad, but the constant focus on Batman trying to find out if Batwoman was Kathy Kane was monotonous, and really unnecessary, but I suppose it was a good enough way to show us what Kathy is like from an outsider’s perspective. Was the book great to look at? Yes. I expect nothing less from Mr. J. H. Williams III. I especially liked the double row design of the pages with the differing styles for each row. If Williams III can maintain the art quality, then the book won’t be a total waste, but I’m still leery about him writing, though he will have a partner to help out, so we’ll see.

Incorruptible #12: This book is so inconsistent to me. For every good issue, I get two or more what are essentially filler issues. I don’t see where this is going. What is Max supposed to be doing now that he’s turned over a new leaf? If it’s simply to be the new savior, he’s not doing much about it. And this whole racist group plotline is a waste. I really liked the idea of this book when it debuted, but I think it’s time I canceled it from my pull list.

Teen Titans #89: Damian’s a right little bastard, isn’t he? I take it back, I don’t think Nicola Scott’s artwork is all that great. It’s not bad, but it’s not stupendous as I initially thought. Or maybe it’s the inker? The art reminds me of a cleaner Jerry Ordway, and I know why I don’t like how Scott draws Wonder Girl: she looks like a cross-dresser or a female body builder on steroids. I did like the bit with the “baddie” of the issue where Raven basically calms him down and it looks like the fight is over, but ol’ Damian has to get physical with the guy and the fighting starts anew. I’m not too impressed with this new creative team and direction thus far.

Wow, I think I was pretty much negative about every issue from this week. I’ll try to be more positive in the future. I do love comics, but I get frustrated that they aren’t consistently better.

3 thoughts on “Pull List Review (11/24/10 Comics)

  1. oddfellow December 18, 2010 / 8:32 am

    Teen Titans: Nicola Scott’s art: What is Wonder Girl supposed to look like? I think this is the best she has been drawn in a very long time. She has some muscles, which she should and she has hips so she can’t be a cross dresser and, AND she has smaller breast than anyone else on the team! Body image wise this is one of the best looking teams in the DCU right now. She is actively trying to make the TT look more like teens/young adults. I agree with the new look of Gar, the beast look is a lame hold over from the TV show and should go. Also, I doubt the inker is the issue because Doug Hazlewood inks *everything* that Scott does, everything.

    Batwoman: Why is it that you think artist can’t write? Some of these guys get to read the best scripts day in and day out. You don’t think that they would pick up some good working knowledge from that? Hell, alone Williams III worked with Warren Ellis for 6 months on Desolation Jones and then went to over a year straight with Morrison on Batman and then right on to Detective with Rucka. You don’t think good stuff wore off on him? Plus you have to admit that even if he only writes something average the art will make this one of the best books.


    • Eric P. I. December 18, 2010 / 9:18 am

      Wonder Girl: I’ve seen her drawn better in the past is all. And I should have been more specific: I meant the way that Scott draws WG’s face. It’s too manly compared to previous renditions. I don’t have a problem with the visual look of the team, body type-wise. I get tired of all the superskinny, big breasted depictions of women in superhero comics.

      Now, I never said artists can’t write–I was speaking specifically about Williams III. But you do bring up my bias that stems from the beginning of Image Comics when it was quite obvious that the artists weren’t writing good comics (and they worked with good writers, so that whole osmosis idea of yours doesn’t work for me)–I guess just don’t read many comics like you do where the artist is also the writer. I’m always willing to give any creator a chance to prove themselves to me, whether it’s an artist, writer, inker, etc.


      • oddfellow December 18, 2010 / 9:32 am

        Ah, now see when Image came about was about the time I fell out of comics so I didn’t suffer that blight. So I could see you being gun shy. Williams has written some other stuff so this isn’t his first thing.


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