New Comics Wednesday (11/17/10) & Pull List Review (11/3/10 Comics)

It’s new comics day! Here’s what’s waiting for me this week at my LCS:

  • Batman, Inc. #1–The latest Grant Morrison Batman title. It’s bound to be a hoot!
  • Brightest Day #14
  • DC Universe: Legacies #7
  • Green Lantern #59
  • JLA #51
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #7
  • Superman #705
  • Zatanna #7

Plus, the latest The Walking Dead trade is out today. I will be getting that eventually.

Batman & Robin #16: Well, if you don’t know, Bruce is back, and what a wild ride this last issue was. There’s so much going on, and while I feel out of the loop somewhat since I haven’t yet read Batman: R. I. P., it was still a very satisfying issue. I liked the three different art styles commemorating the looks of this title so far, and the dialog between Bruce, Dick, Alfred, and Damian was priceless. Morrison just proved for the umpteenth time that he knows these characters like no other. That two-page, heavily paneled battle scene was well done visually. I cannot wait to see the first match up with Bruce as Batman and the Joker considering what the Joker did in this issue to Hurt. Also, was anyone else creeped out by that panel of Bruce smiling? With teeth?! Brrrr! This issue also lays the foundation to Morrison’s next chapter in Batman’s life, Batman, Inc. I cannot wait to see what happens next. Speaking of what happens next, I still be getting this title, but without Morrison, how long will it be before I stop reading it?

Brightest Day #13: It’s very nearly an all Hawkman/Hawkwoman issue that’s mostly battle scenes as Carter fights his way to save Shiera from Hath Set and her mum. Shiera gets some well-deserved revenge on Hath by snapping his neck, but it’s Shiera’s mom who they need to worry about. The final few pages feature my lovely Dove and the clueless Deadman as they continue to search for the Chosen One. Guess who Deadman thinks it is now? One guess: he is a dark knight!

Buffy Season 8 #38: The march to the end of Season 8 continues as unwilling alliances are made between the Gang and their first Big Bad, the Master. There are a lot of great one-liners throughout the issue, typical of the Joss Whedon writing I love. All of this leads up to the revelation that Angel is Twilight. No, not that masked version, the really bad version.

Irredeemable #19: The Vespa have returned to take down Plutonian, and Tony finds that he’s not as invincible as he thought. What I love about this issue is that Tony is able to achieve some form of redemption, but it turns out to be all illusion. I’m assuming that he does indeed want to redeem himself, despite his past actions and apparent lack of will in that regard thus far, and not some forced, dream-induced desire. Modeus, however, continues to be the wild card and I am very intrigued by what he is going to do next.

Scarlet #3: Poor Brandon. Imagine seeing your best friend’s girlfriend for the first time since the funeral of said best friend, and she tells you that she has killed the man who killed your best friend. Oh, and by the way, do you want to help me end the corruption and indecency by any means possible? If you’re Brandon, the answer is apparently yes (though I hope Bendis doesn’t just make Brandon a cipher yes-man for Scarlet). Does it bother anyone else that Scarlet seems very comfortable with that sniper rifle? Isn’t she just a crazed woman? How did she get so good with a rifle? And is she intending on killing all those cops, or just the ones who deserve it? If all this story turns out to be is a mass killing of anyone in a cop uniform, then Scarlet isn’t a sympathetic protagonist. What I also want to know is: did Bendis experience some sort of personal tragedy that led him to write this story, or is he just fed up with what he reads in the papers and sees on tv and this is his way to nonviolently protest?

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