New Comics Wednesday (11/10/10) & Pull List Review (10/13/10 Comics)

Only two comics this week? Really?

  • Birds of Prey #6
  • Unwritten #19

Green Lantern #58: For a comic about a Green Lantern, there sure is an awful lot of blue in it (not that I mind), not to mention violet, red, and orange. I wonder if Mr. Johns is setting up the next buddy cop film extravaganza starring Sinestro and Atrocitus? ;-) I also wonder how long it is before the Justice League comes calling warning Hal to get the other Lanterns off world (if Bruce were still around as Batman, he would have a long time ago). You know, it was bad enough that the Life apparently started on Earth (as revealed in Blackest Night), but do all the new entities have to choose Earthlings as hosts? We now have the Hope entity, Adara, in the form of a young girl (Nicole). Best line of the comic: when Nicole sees Larfleeze, she says he looks funny. Larfleeze responds, “Pfft! I’m not the one without a snout.” Oops, I forgot, Flash shows up at the end to ask Hal about his new-found “friends”, and Barry doesn’t seem too happy. When did Flash become such an “in your face, you answer to me” dude?

Irredeemable #18: Wow. When is a hero not a hero, but is a hero? When faced with the total extinction of the human race, one hero (Hornet) sacrifices other worlds to keep his safe, and to defeat Plutonian should the need arise. Now this is what I like about this comic: the gray areas of superherodom. What would you sacrifice to keep yourself and the ones you love safe if you wore tights and fought crime? A pity that Mr. Waid doesn’t play with this more often (especially in the sister book, Incorruptible) and more in depth.

Unwritten #18: While Tommy and his friends decide what their next move is (psst! it involves using magic), the main focus of this story is on Pullman, and how he’s betrayed by the leader of the literary cabal. But old Pullman is one lucky sod and the tables are turned. At the end of the issue, Tommy reveals where he and his buds are going by holding up a piece of paper with a picture of a whale on it and the words written above: “The Source”. Where did my mind go with that image? “How is the Twitter Fail Whale the Source?” Heh.

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