Pull List Review (October 6 Comics, plus 2)

The first two reviews below are from weeks other than October 6. Powers was from the week before, but it was the only comic I bought from the previous week in September. Guarding the Globe came out weeks ago, but I picked it up off the shelf at my comic shop on a whim just recently.

Powers #6: After the last few issues of this series, #6 was a refreshing change of pace, or, more precisely, I suppose, a return to what I like about Powers. Despite the fact that the opening splash page has P O W E R S spelled out on the nondescript buildings (which is totally unnecessary), it is a nice establishing shot that transitions well into page 2: you have a long shot showing a statue of some Powers dude on page 1, and then on page 2 you see a close up of the same statue with all the bird crap on it–I liked that commentary. I loved the way that Det. Sunrise made a building manager look like a complete fool for being an opportunistic dick. I liked how Walker is still helping the new Retro Girl learn how to be a power, and she’s just fun to read (“I have super ears!”). The bit where Walker tries talking to what appears to be an invading alien force before laying the smack down on them was nice. But the best part of all was the last page ender: Deena Pilgram is back and sporting a shiny new FBI badge. Huh? Looking forward to next issue.

Guarding the Globe #1: When this was first solicited, I was intrigued since I am an Invincible trade buyer and that I like a lot of the background/secondary characters we see all of the time in Invincible. But I was buying too many comics at the time and decided to wait for the trade of this limited series. But for some reason, when I was at my comic shop the other day, I saw it on the shelf and thought “what the hell”? I enjoyed it. There’s a lot of premise setting up, more than I thought was necessary, but I really like the Brit (and his wife), as well as the Yeti that Brit recruits. By the end, we also have the big bad for the following issues, but I’m concerned we’re not going to get a very interesting story in six issues. I imagine we’ll get at least one more issue (I’m guessing two) of the recruiting, and then the threat of the bad guy will have be dealt with in the remaining issues. The real question for me is: is the Invincible Kirkman or the Astounding Wolf-Man Kirkman? I prefer the former. The art was Invincible good, but I do prefer Getty inking his own pencils, though Rathburn isn’t bad.

Brightest Day #11: I didn’t think I would like this issue only because I’m for the Black Lanterns to be done in the DCU, but it made sense within the context of the Firestorm storyline that they are back. And I suppose that we’ll get stories from time to time over the next few years in other comics where that hero’s Black Lantern duplicate will return–oh well. I’m now really liking the Firestorm part of this series, which is the majority of this issue. Also, the art appears to be improving to me. I still love the few pages I get every other week of the Aquaman story (good art there), but I wish they’d move the plot along a little more quickly. Small nit: when Deathstorm brings back the Black Lanterns as ordered, there’s no Black Lantern Superman, but there seems to be a Shazam family Black Lantern. I’m sure I missed something along the way, but what is that about?

Buffy, Season 8 #37: I have to admit, I’m still kind of lost here. It seems that when Buffy and Angel (ahem) reunited a few issues ago, a new universe was created that, I think, now wants to replace the one we know in the Buffyverse. Also, the characters talk about Twilight as if it’s not just the undercover persona that Angel took on from the last storyline to infiltrate the bad guys. Huh? I guess I need to go check Wikipedia to fill in the gaps. But that’s the problem I have: if I’m not getting the clear picture, then either I’m just being impatient and all will be revealed, or the writing is a bit muddy. Ok, confession time. I really, really love Joss Whedon’s tv work. Buffy, Angel, and Firefly rank as some of my all-time favorite shows (Dollhouse had its virtues, but it was not one of the better shows). He also has written some of the best episodes from those shows, so I know he can write well. But . . . I have to admit, his writing on this comic hasn’t been my favorite of this series. I have a hard time following along and understanding what I’m reading. I hope I’m just being impatient and the next few issues will reward me with a great ending to this “season” of Buffy.

I, Zombie #6: My last issue. I love the way this book looks, but the story just isn’t interesting me as I thought it would. I bet I’ll be missing out, but for now, I’m done.

Incorruptible #10: Max reunites with Plutonian’s ex-girlfriend. And a crazy senator seems in charge of the Plutonian-inspired racists that we met in issue 8. That’s about all that happens here. Looks like issue 12 may well be my last.

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