New Comics Wednesday (10/27/10)

It’s new comics dayWhat are you getting?

  • Incorruptible #11
  • Superman #704
  • Teen Titans #88
  • Wonder Woman #604
  • Zatanna #6

Also out today is the new Superman: Earth One hardcover, original graphic novel. I will be getting this (it’s going on the birthday list ;) and in hardcover. I’m usually a “wait for the trade” paperback guy, but not this time.

Have you watched the new Avengers cartoon on DisneyXD? It’s all right. It reminds me a little of the 90s Marvel animation crap, with some current Marvel film influences (this Iron Man is almost ripped right from the movies). I did like, however, how the Hulk wasn’t portrayed as his usual “Hulk smash!” mentality, and how Hank Pym can be Ant Man or Giant Man, depending on the situation (I mean, really, why wouldn’t you utilize both of those abilities instead of just one?).

Finally, I’m so looking forward to the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC on Halloween night. My wife, who doesn’t read comics and doesn’t care for zombies (she makes a face when I tell her I’m going to go kill zombies, aka playing Left 4 Dead), told me that she wants to watch it based on my glowing comments of the Kirkman comic.


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