New Comics Wednesday (10/13/10)

It’s new comics day! What are you getting?

  • Green Lantern #58
  • Irredeemable #18
  • Superman #703
  • Unwritten #18

News out of the New York Comic Con that caught my eye:

  • Bendis and Maleev are taking on Moon Knight. I’ve always liked that character (though, I admit not being familiar with what Moon Knight is like these last 10 years or so), and I like those two collaborators, so seeing what they do with Moon Knight might just make me buy a Marvel comic proper (I only read the Icon imprint stuff right now).
  • There will be an Alias miniseries written by Bendis and drawn by Michael Gaydos coming out later in 2011. I really enjoyed the Alias series and am curious what Bendis will do with this story and that character.
  • And for the final Marvel-related news, Mark Waid will be involved with the Ruse title that is forthcoming. Ruse was my favorite CrossGen title overall (but the Greg Land Sojourn was tops as far as the art), so this is welcome news.
  • James Robinson will be behind a 12-part Shade story (published as multiple minis). I seem to recall at the Emerald City Comicon Robinson said something about a Shade one-shot, but it’s morphed into something more apparently. Considering that Shade was the best part about Starman, I just might be getting these issues.
  • Xombi is returning in February. I am new to this character having only been introduced to him in the recent Brave and the Bold story. The character and concept as presented in the B&tB story intrigued me, so I might have to check out this new series.
  • Finally, while this didn’t come out of NYCC per se, both DC and Marvel announced plans to charge $2.99 for certain books. Marvel will charge the lower price for any new titles debuting January 2011 and later. DC, on the other hand, is dropping to the lower price point on all its books, with the caveat being that the books will be 20 pages. Two fewer pages for a buck less? I’m ok with that, though, it seems I’ll be ignoring more ads.

For more information on the above announcements and others, check out the Robot 6 NYCC round-up page.


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