New Comics Wednesday (10/6/10)

It’s new comics day! What are you getting?

  • Brightest Day #11
  • Buffy, S8 #37
  • I, Zombie #6
  • Incorruptible #10

Some interesting news has come out recently. First, David E. Kelley is planning to give us the WWII Wonder Woman on our televisions. I hate the idea of a period piece Wonder Woman. I’m also not too sure about Mr. Kelley being in charge. His shows have always been a little on the meh side for me. Second, but not surprising, is that the release of DCU Online has been pushed back to 1Q 2011. Whatever the reason, I want access to the beta! Are you listening SOE? Finally, Zach Snyder is set to direct the next Superman movie. I’m ok with this choice, given how well Snyder did with Watchmen. I just hope we get a script worthy of the Man of Steel, and not another retread of the first two Superman movies (à la Superman Returns). Word is that the bad guy might be General Zod. That’s all right as long as it doesn’t hark back to Terence Stamp’s 1980 portrayal of the character.

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