Pull List Review (Sept. 22 Comics)

JLA #49: *Sigh* Really, Robinson? You pull out that old “fight your illusory teammates” chestnut? Robinson talked a lot at San Diego about how much he wants to show that Donna is bad-ass, but it’s just not working. The only interesting thing in JLA at the moment to me is the relationship between Dick and Kara.

LSH #5: I have to admit, Levitz surprises me constantly with his portrayal of Earth Man. Either EM is playing everyone very well or Levitz is creating a three-dimensional character, or maybe it’s both. :) I also like how Levitz turns the idea of how awesome it would be to receive a green lantern ring on its ear. Dyogene is now 0-2 in recruiting a new Green Lantern. Questions: Where is Levitz leading us with regards to Professor Li? And Shady, wtf are you thinking?! That reminds me, where is Mon-El in this new Legion continuity?

Nemesis #3: Remember when I commented that Millar wasn’t writing a comic so much as a potential movie (or something to that effect)? Well, he got one. I don’t really have anything to say about this issue beyond that. I got this series more because of the buzz around Wanted and Kick-Ass and I wanted to see what it was all about. Besides the premise, meh.

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