Pull List Review (Sept. 9 Comics)

Batman & Robin #14: As is often with Grant Morrison, I don’t always get everything he’s got going on in his stories, however, his work is always entertaining and energetic. This comic continues to be a hoot to read, and I’m really liking Frazer Irving’s art, specifically the coloring. The pencils/inks are sometimes not the best (Dick looked different in adjacent panels), but the coloring in this book is really interesting. Also fun are the bits featuring Joker and Robin–and Dick was concerned that Joker would suffer at Damien’s hands). And once again, we are shown just how crafty Joker really is. It’s good stuff. I’m really going to miss Morrison on this title.

Daytripper #10: The end of the story, and I mostly enjoyed this ride. The idea of this series had promise, and the art complemented the characters and story, but I still think we didn’t need 10 issues to tell this story. Though, if we had fewer issues, I wouldn’t want issues 8 & 9 to be the ones that were cut! Regardless of how many issues there are in this series, it was still a fun read, both in story and the art style. However, the reason for the trippy ride is kind of a let down, but also makes sense, considering. If you haven’t read this series, you should definitely borrow your friend’s copies, or get the trade.

Green Lantern #57: I know comic covers are supposed to help in selling the issue, but it peevs me a bit when the image shown has little or nothing to do with what actually is in the issue. In this case, the background shows the various lanterns chained (though I do like the way it’s shown with the colors having the emphasis over details). As far as the story, this issue is more about Carol Ferris than Hal. In fact, I would probably buy a limited series that spotlights Carol if it had the same focus and feeling that this issue does. Now that I mention it, Johns is doing a good job of examining the various rainbow corps members. This title consistently shows what a good writer Johns can be.

Irredeemable #17: And again I’m going to talk about a cover. :) Because this one is really good, especially considering the usual covers I happen to get for this title (I don’t order specific covers for my comics and just buy whatever my LCS gives me, except for the Jo Chen Buffy covers–I have to have those particular covers). I just like the art and coloring of it, especially the contrasting red hues in the background and the monochromatic foreground. A pity Paul Renaud isn’t doing the interiors. Revelations abound in this issue, from Qubit being outed by his teammate to an angry mob, to Kaiden realizing that a dead teammate isn’t so much, and finally that Plutonian knows Samsara’s secret (and now I’m wondering when he realized it).

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