New Comics Wednesday (9/22/10) & Pull List Review (September 1 Comics)

This is what I’m getting this week:

  • JLA #49–Usually I’m sort of excited about the build up to an anniversary issue, but not so much here.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #5–And this title isn’t quite doing it for me in general.
  • Nemesis #3–Holy cats! It’s the third issue! Is it just super late, or did I just miss that it’s bi (or tri)-monthly?

Wow, call me Mr. Negative. ;-)

And the blahness continues….

Brightest Day #9: This is probably the first David Finch cover I’ve seen recently that I don’t like. J’onn looks ok, but Ollie with (stubby looking) weightlifter arms?

The Aqualad part of the story was ho-hum, with most of it being three pages of Jackson accessing his power. I hadn’t noticed this the first time reading it, but this guy has gills and webbed hands. So, is this new kid possessed by or “inhabited” by Garth’s spirit, because Jackson seems to be controlling water like Garth used to.

J’onn arrives in Star City’s star forest, and after a tantrum discovers that he must return to Mars. Yawn.

The issue ends with Mera’s people recruiting Black Manta. Also, I see that the new Aqualad is probably one of Mera’s people. And Black Manta’s son. Gee, I haven’t seen that plot before. This is probably the first issue of this series that was really sub-par for me, though not art-wise. DC and the artists involved have been doing a great job at delivering pretty good to really nice art for this bi-weekly book.

Buffy, Season 8 #36: The bad boy is back! Fan fave Spike is back to stir things up in the first part of the final Season 8 arc. The first third of this issue shows us when Angel returned to this Earth. I sayt hat because based on what I’m reading, it seems that whatever happened over in his IDW series was not on the same plane of existence as Buffy’s. Oh, and him saving an Oceanic plane? Puh-leeze. That’s not even grin worthy. Maybe if it had been a season or three ago of Lost, but not after the show’s done and gone.

Spike’s return also has that same bluish-white portal in the sky that Angel fell out of. So now I’m intrigued as to where these guys were and what led up to them returning to Buffy’s Earth. And that last splash page showing their next adversary? I’m reserving judgement for now because it can either be Angelus or Adam in terms of Big Bad goodness.

Hercules: Twilight of a God #4: Man I so happy this was only four issues, but then, I did pay $4 per issue, so I guess I’m still not ahead on this deal. It’s over. ‘Nuff said.

I, Zombie #5: Wow. What a really cool cover. Unfortunately, the story within isn’t as awe-inspiring. Plus the ending seemed really rushed, sort of like, “oh, here’s issue 5 and I have to wrap up the story for the first trade collection”. The trouble with that was that there seemed to be no resolution to anything, and I’d be fine with that except that Gwen’s closing monologue suggests a sort of closure. This issue just read odd to me. I really need to decide if I want to continue with this book.

Incorruptible #9: This entire issue is one big setup for the final page. We are shown how much of an asshole Max was to one person in particular, and Max hopes that will snap Annie out of wanting to be the new Jailbait. I wish Mark Waid would get on with the larger ideas in both this series and Irredeemable. I’m getting tired of all these sidetrack story points.

Scarlet #2: Scarlet’s origin story continues, with beautiful and colorful visuals by Maleev. I’m so used to Maleev’s darker style, so all these colors are a nice change. The story was ok, with typical Bendis wordiness, but it works. I haven’t decided yet if the talking to the audience aspect of the character will get old, fast. This being bi-monthly, however, I’ll stick with it for now.

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