New Comics Wednesday (9/1/10)

I’m getting some good stuff in this week!

  • Brightest Day #9
  • Buffy, Season 8 #36–The start of the final arc. How will S8 end?
  • Hercules: Twilight of a God #4
  • I, Zombie #5
  • Incorruptible #9
  • Scarlet #2–Looking forward to reading this.

Now for some news that caught my attention.

  • The long-time-coming Teen Titans: Games graphic novel will be delayed because of George Pérez’s medical issues. That’s disappointing, but what’s a few more months after 2.5 decades? Mr. Pérez’s health is obviously more important, so I wish him a speedy recovery.
  • There will be two Batmen starting in November. I really would like to read the issues (in whatever comic) in which both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson interact as Batman. And how will Damien fit into this with his father and his partner/mentor? I don’t understand the need to issue yet another new title (Batman: The Dark Knight), other than DC is wanting the money that new books bring in the short term. I can see why Batman Inc. would be a good idea (maybe), but why not just have Bruce in Detective Comics and Batman, and have Dick in Batman and Robin (or Batman instead of Bruce, then you have both men in two books)? The fact that DC is keeping Dick around in the batsuit is very interesting to me, and I wonder where they’re going with it. Will I buy all of these titles? No. I’ll be getting Batman Inc. because it’s Grant Morrison, and I will continue with Batman and Robin for the foreseeable future, but the others? Nope. Regardless, potentially exciting stuff from batland.

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