Pull List Review (August 4 Comics)

Brightest Day #7: The purpose of the white lantern is revealed, though some of the reasons for those who returned from the dead seem counterproductive (Captain Boomerang and Hawk) or anticlimactic (Prof. Zoom), and I’m pretty sure there’s more to it than that (at least I hope so). Regardless, I’m looking forward to the next chapter of this series as Deadman searches for the new protector of life.

Hercules: Twilight of a God #3: The subtitle is rather fitting for this series since it’s not quite up to snuff compared to the previous Bob Layton Hercules mini-series’. The jokes are (more than) a little stale and there’s not enough of Hercules in it quite frankly. This has been quite disappointing.

I, Zombie #4: I love the visuals of this book, and the ideas presented, but I’m only luke-warm about the plot so far. Not sure how much longer I’m willing to stay with this book. However, the narrative romp through Mr. Mummy’s past and how it relates to the main character was interesting and a bit self-referential, so I liked that.

Irredeemable #16: I am starting to enjoy this comic again. Some of the character interactions and repercussions are explored here, and the Paradigm seem to be acting instead of reacting to events. On the evil side of things, Plutonian is shown just how cruel he can be. I hated him for what he did, and that makes for a good character.

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