Pull List Review (July 28 Comics)

Green Lantern #56: So I see Geoff Johns is setting up the Larfleeze Christmas Special coming out later this year (as he’s said during the San Diego Comic-Con): Larfleeze has discovered Santa Claus. I love that panel where Larfleeze is sitting at this really nice looking desk. As you can see by the cover, Hector Hammond is back.

Incorruptible #8: Not only does Max gain a new partner (of sorts), but the next storyline is introduced. Mostly, this issue was a diatribe against racists–not that I mind. I also liked the use of blurring the panels to show us Max’s POV of nearly passing out.

JLA #47: I usually like the monologue captions that are in comics these days, but man, Robinson used too much of a good thing in this issue. It was distracting and comical. Nice cliffhanger ending, though.

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