New Comics Wednesday (8/25/10) & a Movie Review

My comics for this week:

  • JLA #48
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #4
  • Superman: Secret Origin #6–Holy cats! This actually came out? Why do I care anymore?!

Warning: potential spoilers ahead (but only if you don’t know about the Red Hood storyline from a few years back).

I finally got to watch Batman: Under the Red Hood. I kept hearing in many of the DC Comics podcasts from San Diego Comic-Con how good this movie was, and people were going up to the mic just to thank Judd Winick for this movie. And it was pretty damn good. I’m not a huge Jason Todd fan (never was, especially when they brought him back from the dead), but I liked what they did with him in this movie. In fact, considering all of the flashbacks in this film, and add that you have two generations of Robins (one as the older Nightwing), I thought the screenplay and director handled those potentially difficult aspects well (though I thought the flashback showing Jason boosting the batmobile’s wheels should have come sooner).

There were other things to like about this movie.

Voices: Bruce Greenwood is no Kevin Conroy, but he did a fantastic job as Batman/Bruce Wayne. He’s now my second favorite actor to portray the Batman. John Di Maggio’s Joker was an interesting choice. John has a deep voice that runs contrary to my ears (I’m so used to Mark Hamill’s interpretation), but he did the laugh well. John makes a great Aquaman from Batman: Brave and the Bold, but a so-so Joker here. The rest were acceptable but not really worth mentioning.

Action: I made mention of how well the fight scenes were in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, and that quality was maintained in this movie. Fight scenes of note was the one with Batman and Nightwing fighting the baddies together, and Batman and Red Hood doing the same, as well as fighting each other. I loved how they showed how well Batman and Nightwing complemented each other in battle, despite having spent some time apart.

Humor: This film is actually pretty dark in comparison to some others, but there are moments of humor that are great, most of them belonging to Nightwing. For example, when Amazo shows up and starts shooting eye beams at the Dynamic Duo, Nightwing yells, “Lasers! He’s got lasers!” Other great lines: “Can you just for once say, ‘Get in the car!'”?; “You know what I miss most about running with you? The toys.”; and finally, “I’m chatty. It’s part of my charm.” Neil Patrick Harris delivered those lines just fine, and I really liked his interpretation of one of my favorite characters.

Misc: Poor Alfred (looking weird to me with hair atop his head in this film). The scene where he hears the conclusive evidence that Red Hood is Jason is touching. I really, really liked the way they ended the movie with the flashback scene. It was bittersweet and a really good ending.

Overall, this film is probably slightly better than JL: Crisis on Two Earths, which was the best of the recent DC animated films. Bottom line, you should watch this film.

Next up is Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and it looks to be really good (and no, I don’t get tired of saying that). If DC keeps making these good films, I will keep buying them.

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