Pull List Review (July 14 Comics)

Wow I had some major brain fart or something. I should have posted these comics before the July 21 reviews that went out Sunday. Oh well. Here they are!

Birds of Prey #3: This is truly an amazing comic. Gail Simone has really convinced me that she’s a top-notch writer. I may have to go buy her run on the previous version of this book, as well as Secret Six. The book starts off with a beautifully rendered fantasy sequence by artist Benes, but it’s so disturbing as well. I imagine if Huntress knew what Cobblepot was “seeing” she would end him. There are also so many great character moments in this issue. Simone & Benes have Dinah down so well–you can see and feel Black Canary’s frustration and desperation as she tries to get her and her friends out of this stand-off alive, while she tries to deduce just who the White Canary is. Ditto with Barbara as she gets a huge shock towards the end of the book. This is fast becoming my top pick of the month.

Brave and the Bold #35: The other half of the Legion/Doom Patrol story from last issue, only pairing up the Legion of Substitute Heroes and the Inferior Five. This was ok. I actually don’t like when the Subs are shown as comic relief. I did like the breaking of the 4th wall stuff, however. I will be doing an podcast on this issue since I reviewed its companion for Episode 0.

Daytripper #8: I really liked this story because we get it from the point of view of someone other than Bräs. The cover really conveys the feeling of the story, don’t you think?

Unwritten #15: The prison warden makes an appearance again, however brief. Out of all the characters in this book, I feel for him the most, and he was in three issues or so? Tom’s dad shows up, but knowing how this book likes its twists and turns, I’m always suspicious of what’s going on: is that really Tom’s dad? And if so, how is he going to screw Tom over this time?

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