Pull List Review (July 21 Comics)

Brightest Day #6: The gratuitous murdering by the other green Martian continues, but I wish it would stop. I don’t care for this part of the story. And why must there be a connection between the green things dying that J’Onn comes in contact with and that he’s a green Martian? Or am I just taking the connection too literally? The Firestorm part actually didn’t annoy me finally. Do you suppose the guy that Firestorm threw up on will become known as they guy that Firestorm threw up on? Or will he seek vengeance as a new super-villain in some future storyline? ;-)

DC Universe: Legacies #3: Finally, no more Kubert art, and even better: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez! I like how Wein is using one character to tie everything together so far, people’s comparisons to Marvels and how this pales notwithstanding. The appearance of John Jones as a policeman in Metropolis was new, I think, and interesting. Unfortunately, the recent penchant for aping Superman: The Movie continues here as we see Superman rescue Lois Lane, with dialog taken straight from the movie. And did they actually show Batman kicking someone into an acid tank and swing away with a whimsical quip? (Ok, I’m editorializing a bit, but still.)

Legion of Super-Heroes #3: Paul Levitz has gone and done it: he is actually making me like Earth Man. To continue my rant about the new Legion uniforms: Sensor Girl’s sucks. Why show only the eyes in the mask? And don’t get me started with the v-line bust. Plus that “temerity” line from Jeckie seemed out of place for her, but still makes sense considering her status as a royal. Finally, isn’t bringing Darkseid into the title (other than a mention) a little too soon?

Zatanna #3: Well, that was a quick resolution to the first storyline. I expected Brother Night to stick around a bit longer, but who knows? I’m sure he’ll be back, worse than ever. Also, I know how Zatanna works her magic, and I like the gimmick, but reading it is fast becoming an annoyance.

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