New Comics Wednesday (7/28/10)

Look what came out for me this week!

  • Green Lantern #56
  • Incorruptible #8
  • JLA #47

Ok, it’s not a lot, but I guess I need to save some money because of how many comics that are being released in October that I want. Holy cats! I may have to take out a loan! :)

Also out is Wonder Woman #601, the start of JMS’s run on the book. If the story in #600 is any indication, this just might be fun. And I see that a second printing of Zatanna #1 is out this week–this is great news! I just hope we get more second printings of the title to keep it going for a while.

Finally, don’t forget that the Batman: Under the Red Hood direct-to-DVD animated film is out this week. These films keep getting better and better (hey, it has Nightwing in it!) and if the initial reviews are any indication, this should be one of the better DC Universe films to date. I’m looking forward to watching it and then reviewing here.

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