Pull List Review (June 30 Comics)

Nearly done with all these comics!

Flash #3: Yawn. Did I say this already? What I liked about Francis Manpul’s art in Adventure Comics does not work here. And I am completely bored with this new title, despite the new elements Johns is throwing in (the future, good-guy “Rogues”, the CSI aspect of Barry’s job). I’m done with this title.

Green Lantern #55: I’m probably one of the few people who actually doesn’t like Lobo, so when he shows up I usually turn off. But I liked the twist involving Lobo’s appearance, but Lobo does do what Lobo does in every other comic he appears in: fight everyone. But it’s all part of Atrocitus’s plan. I am liking this character. Best part of the issue, however, is Dex-Starr’s origin! It’s a must read. Am I the only one imagining a sitcom starring Atrocitus and Dex-Starr, cuz I think it would be all the rage (Get it? Hah! I slay me.).

JLA #46: Part 1 of the summer JLA/JSA cross-over event. Ho-hum. I should be loving this. Alan Scott is the focus, and I love the two teams, but it’s just ok. There are some nice moments, such as when Supergirl says to Batman, “Y’know, that cowl hides too much of your face, Grayson.” Thus continuing to prove what a hottie Dick Grayson is in the DCU.

Wonder Woman #600: I really enjoyed this issue, more so than the Batman and Superman counterparts. But more on that in a future podcast.

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