Pull List review (June 23 Comics)

Birds of Prey #2: Ed Benes is fast becoming one of my favorite artists, and not just because he can draw very pretty women (I love his Black Canary and Dove). I’m sorry now that I didn’t give the original Birds of Prey a chance after that first trade because Gail Simone does an excellent job on these characters, well, Canary and Oracle at any rate. I’m not sure what Lady Blackhawk contributes to this group (yet) besides a pilot and some displaced-in-time character moments. I came for Hawk & Dove, but I’m sticking around for the good characters and lovely art (for the most part–some pages looked rushed, or maybe that’s the co-artist).

Incorruptible #7: This was really nice. I like that we get a slightly slower pace in this story and it fits with what’s going on with Max: he may be invulnerable while awake, but he still needs to sleep. And when he sleeps, as the bad guy says in the story, his powers reset. Plus, we get a few pages of Jailbait and Max talking, with him telling her that they cannot be together anymore, and her lamenting that fact. Aww.

Legion of Super-Heroes #2: I know Ultra Boy was never as smart as Brainiac 5, or even Invisible Kid, but he also wasn’t portrayed as he has been recently as a big, dumb jock type. I don’t like this portrayal, mostly because Jo is one of my favorite Legionnaires, especially after the 5-Years Later run of the Legion back in the 90s. Anyway, I like what Levitz is setting up regarding Earth-Man now that he has a *SPOILER* Green Lantern ring and the “muzzle” the Legion put on him is broken. And I loved how even though Ultra Boy is under the control of Saturn Queen, his love for Phantom Girl still conquers all–I’ve missed that Legion fact for a while now.

Powers #5: Poor Walker. The guy can’t catch a break. He finally finds a woman he loves and who loves him, and she leaves him, sending him into a downward spiral. Which seems kind of odd to me considering how long he’s been around–you’d think he’d take it better, or maybe that’s too cliché. Bendis does set up the next big plot and it looks to be a doozy. Oh, and guess who’s crashing the party? Deena!

Superman #700: I cannot get away from that Gary Frank art (he did the cover). I enjoyed this more than Batman #700, but I’ll expand on that in a future podcast.

Zatanna #2: This is fast becoming one of my favorite books every month and it’s only issue 2! Dini is setting up the big bad, while still showing how bad-ass Zatanna is (of course, the demon she defeats [that’s not a spoiler, is it?] is pretty minor). I hope Dini will return to the one act that supposedly haunts Zatanna: her mind wiping of various people as shown in Identity Crisis.

4 thoughts on “Pull List review (June 23 Comics)

  1. travis July 16, 2010 / 4:27 pm

    Also, Paul Dini. I am loving all his “batfamily books.” Gotham Streets, Gotham City Sirens… Is Zatanna a “bat book?” Probably not, being in SF and all…but something about Zatanna always feels right with Batman for me for some reason.


    • Eric P. I. July 17, 2010 / 3:25 pm

      It doesn’t come across as a Bat book, though I’m sure someone from the Bat family will make an appearance eventually. I wouldn’t mind a story on Dick and Zatanna’s relationship going back to his Robin days.


  2. travis July 16, 2010 / 4:20 pm

    Okay. I know you aren’t really dissing Lady Blackhawk but asking what she contribues seems silly to me when we really should be asking what does Dove contribue? At least LB is transport for the group. All Dove does is fly around and say “watchout Hawk” or “are you okay Hawk” or “I won’t let them hurt you Pengiune.” I think Gail Simone is a rockstar of a writer but she better do something with Dove soon or kick her to the curb. I mean, what a waste. At least Hawk is a dick so he has some value as enertainment that way.
    As for the art. The off looking pages are the other artist work, not Benes.


    • Eric P. I. July 17, 2010 / 3:28 pm

      You have me there, but nothing you say can spoil the love I have for my beautiful Dove. sigh And what you said about Dove as far as Simone giving her something more to do? That’s how I feel about LB, but remember, I didn’t read the previous incarnation of this book, so I’m seeing LB for the first time and so far: yawn.

      I knew it about the art! It’s too bad Benes can’t do it all himself, but I suppose the other guy isn’t all that bad.


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