Pull List Review (June 9 and 16 Comics)

Since these two weeks only had a few titles each, I’m combining them here for your convenience! You’re welcome. :)

Batman #700: The milestone issue is here! And it’s not as cool as I’d hoped! I plan to discuss this in a very near future podcast, so stay tuned!

Brightest Day #4: Ahh! I’m in love with this issue for one reason: Dove! That splash page of her is muy gorgeous. Oh, yeah, some stuff happens to the Hawks and Firestorm.

Daytripper #7: This one went a little dark with Jorge being the reason for Bras’s demise. When I think of this series now, I think of this death. And that cover is haunting.

DC Universe: Legacies #2: More Kubert art unfortunately. When do we get out of this era of DC’s history?

Nemesis #2: I feel a little bit dirty reading this comic. Like I mentioned before, this reads more like a movie treatment than a good comic, but it’s actually better written than a lot of non-movie treatment comics (JLA for one). And like any good movie trailer, I want to know what happens next.

Unwritten #14: Not sure what to say about this one except that the characters are racing to some climactic finish (for this “chapter” anyway), and I continue to love the covers. Oh, and I love how Lizzie is communicating with whoever that is. Whoever says that writing isn’t dangerous doesn’t get it (or read this comic either).

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