Pull List Review (June 3 Comics)

Adventure Comics #12: My last issue, although I may regret that decision since Paul Levitz is writing these Legion-centric issues as a way to explore the early days of this newest version of the LSH. Paul borrowed from Mr. Johns’s use of a Superboy making a to-do list which I thought was a nice way to bookend this series for me.

Brightest Day #3: I am loving the art for the Dead/Aliveman sequences, not to mention he takes on the Anti-Monitor?! Awesome. Aquaman has become my favorite storyline in this anthology book. If DC does an Aquaman book after this series I just may have to buy it. Maybe.

Hercules: Twilight of a God #1: Zounds! I don’t know how this got past me, but Marvel has bestowed upon me The Gift! (heh) of this new Herc miniseries. I have both series from the 80s and loved them, plus Bob Layton is back writing and doing the breakdown art–how can I not love this?

I, Zombie #2: Hmm, so we have zombies, ghosts, werewolves, and vampires all living in or around the Eugene, OR area–how weird is that? Oh, and possibly a mummy? Or some guy who likes to wrap his exposed skin in white bandages. The plot seems to be heading somewhere: I know a certain amount of world building needs to happen, but let’s get the ball rolling here.

Irredeemable #14: This book becomes less interesting when the focus isn’t on Plutonian. When the focus is on the remaining members of the Paradigm it becomes a soap opera, and a whiny one at that. I did like how Orian and Survivor (Cary) reentered the Earth dimension. Pretty graphic and interesting.

Serenity: Float Out: A nice tribute one-shot to our favorite dinosaur playing pilot, Wash. Really, the only thing of note was when *SPOILER* Zoe showed up at the end. Pregnant.

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