New Comics Wednesday (6/30/10)

It’s an all-DC week.

  • Flash #3
  • Green Lantern #55
  • JLA #46
  • Wonder Woman #600

Wow, have you heard about the changes DC is making to Wonder Woman beginning with #600? It’s caused quite the stir in Internetland. While I was initially opposed to the retread idea (Remember when Crisis rebooted Wonder Woman? Remember when Diana wore a jacket back in the 90s?), now having read up on the plan, I’m actually somewhat intrigued by the story potential. Do I want them to make this change permanent? Not in this form. But the idea of Diana having to fix a timeline she isn’t a part of (i.e., restore continuity) is intriguing. And jacket aside, the new costume isn’t that bad, but it certainly isn’t Wonder Woman worthy. But then, she’s not exactly Wonder Woman as we know her, so this works to some degree for me. Regardless of the changes, what’s important is the story and what comes out of it at the end. JMS can tell some pretty interesting stories, but he can also let those stories fall very flat. I’m hoping for the former, but expecting the latter. We’ll see.

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