New Comics Thursday (6/3/10)

Even though I don’t pick up my comics every Wednesday (because my local comic shop is 80 miles away), the fact that holidays push comic delivery out by one day still irritates me. The human heart is such a mystery…. And now, my list!

  • Adventure Comics #12–My last. It started out good, but I haven’t liked the tie-in approach with this comic.
  • Brightest Day #3
  • I, Zombie #2
  • Irredeemable #14
  • Serenity: Float Out Special–What can I say? I’m a Firefly/Serenity whore.

In my last New Comics post I reviewed the Spokane Comicon. The cofounder and coodinator of the con took exception to some of the things I wrote and responded. I was very impressed by the respectful and professional way Mr. O’Brien handled the situation, and I wish him all the luck and success with future Spokane Comicons.

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