Pull List Review (May 12 Comics)

Adventure Comics #11: It’s an all Legion issue (though with some ties to Last Stand of New Krypton), with the only really interesting bit to me being the appearance of Jemm, Son of Saturn. Oh, and the young Superman who greets Mon-El when he is pulled from the Phantom Zone and says, “I’ve told everyone about you!” So I’m guessing I missed something along the way, or something will be explained in the future, because last I knew, an older Superman met Mon-El first, so why is the younger version talking as if he knows Mon?

Birds of Prey #1: I bought the first trade of the last Birds of Prey series and wasn’t terribly impressed despite the buzz I’d heard about the book (including from one of my best friends who was very upset that DC canceled the book in the first place), and so I really wasn’t going to give this new version a try. That is, until I found out that Hawk and Dove were going to be in it. So I came for H & D and ended up liking the whole kit and kaboodle. I love the art and I really like Black Canary in this. I really did not need to add another book to my list, but whatareyagonnado? Oh, this still bugs me though: DC, please get rid of the belly tights on Huntress. That’s just so stupid on a few levels.

Daytripper #6: Another great story, but where is this going? Do we need 10 of these?

Flash #2: I do not think I’ll be continuing with this. Nothing all that interesting going on unfortunately. When you’re more interested in the villains of the story than the hero, something is wrong.

Siege #4: This was kind of disappointing. Ok, it was a little more than kind of. Nearly all of this issue was a fight between the Avengers and the now-evil Sentry. Only good thing about it was that you see Thor being bad-ASS and that was cool. He is Marvel’s Superman, and now I kinda want to go read the newish Thor stuff.

Superman: War of the Supermen #2: This is getting better. Supergirl is enraged and grieving and taking it out on Superman, but they patch things up and try to end the war with as minimal bloodshed as possible, and then Luthor throws a red sun monkey wrench into the mix.

Unwritten #13: Some cool reveals in this issue, not the least of which is that *SPOILER* Savoy is working for Tom’s (real?) mom?! And the ending was pretty cool, too. I tell you, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Tom Taylor. Ever. It doesn’t seem to end happily.

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