Pull List Review (May 5 Comics)

Batman & Robin #12: Umm, did I miss something? When did the bat symbol on Batman’s chest become a detachable thing? Is it like armor? Anyway, I love how Slade Wilson has lost control and is merely looking for payback against Dick. It shows again that Dick is Wilson’s superior. And then, Batman and Robin invade Talia’s HQ and just kick ass! Damien shows he has grown as a character when he chooses Batman over his mother. And finally, we get the reveal of who Oberon Sexton really is, and it’s a doozy! Can’t wait for the next issue!

Brightest Day #1: If this first issue is any indication of the quality of this series to come, then I am all for it! The art is good (except maybe the Firestorm entry), and, more importantly to me, the stories start out interestingly enough (well, except for maybe the Hawks’s story).

Buffy #35: It takes a while (most of the issue), but Buffy and Angel come to terms with what they are supposed to be, I guess. And in true Buffy fashion, she rejects the premise in favor of what she believes in (sound familiar?)  and goes to fight at her friends’s sides. And then $@!&# shows up! Can’t wait to read the next issue.

I, Zombie #1: I’ve been waiting for this one for a long while. I first heard about it from the San Diego ComiCon Vertigo panel last year and it sounded pretty cool: zombie girl needs to eat brains or go all Night of the Living Dead, and a side-effect is that she is haunted by the dead person’s memories, which causes her to go off to make right what once went wrong, or something like that. And … I’m not sure what I think about this first issue. It comes across to me to be a little too cute for its premise, but I’ll be giving it a chance. I do like the Mike Allred art.

Incorruptible #5: Aww, Max Damage really cares about his former underage sextoy, Jailbait. After she stormed off from last issue’s events, Max “recruits” a look-alike so that his enemies don’t go looking for Jailbait to exact revenge or something.

Irredeemable #13: Bette Noir gets a reality blame check from her old man since she could have potentially stopped Plutonian a while ago and said nothing about it. (Really? All those deaths and you don’t come clean about an affair you had with the guy? Really?) Meanwhile, wtf is up with that last page and the drawn-in-binary girl?

Superman: War of the Supermen #1: So, what do you do if you have a planet of Kryptonian would-be conquerers near Earth? Well, if you’re DC editorial, you blow them up along with their New Krypton! Actually, this isn’t too bad of an event comic, and it’s drawn nicely too. Also, when did Jimmy Olsen become so Bruce Wayne-y (i.e., dark and gloomy)?


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