Pull List Review (April 7 Comics*)

* Oops! Wow, I am so disorganized comics-wise that I totally missed some comics from the week of April 7. So, here is my now out of order reviews of the following.

Batman & Robin #11: This continues to be one of my favorite comics every month. Morrison is firing on all cylinders. The panel following the one where Damien asks Sexton is he’s Bruce Wayne is great and cinematic. Good stuff this.

Buffy #34: Okay, I have always loved the relationship Buffy had with Angel (my daughter always says, “They’re supposed to be together!”) and seeing them *ahem* enjoying each other this issue is satisfying on one level, but watching them schtupping all issue is too much.

Flash: Secret Files and Origins 2010: This read like a zero issue, but with a bunch of Who’s Who pages at the end. Nothing interesting here, and the fact that I do not like Scott Kolins’s art is reinforced here. DC needs to find a good Flash artist.

Superman: Secret Origin #5: I must be getting used to Frank’s art because I didn’t mind it so much, especially how he draws Lois. And there’s one scene I loved where Superman is exposed to kryptonite and being shot at by the military and he’s still concerned about an “enemy” being hurt. That’s one reason why I love this character.


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