Pull List Review (April 14 Comics)

Ok, I am so far behind that I will be posting a bunch of these. So, here are my reviews for comics that are over a month old! :)

Adventure Comics #10: A Last Stand of New Krypton tie-in. The only interesting part of this was the end of the Car-Vex story.

Brightest Day #0: I don’t understand why this is a zero issue, because it’s very much a #1 with a bunch of good stuff being introduced. So far, I’m liking every story in this issue, especially the Aquaman story.

Daytripper #5: I love the stories in the series, but it’s been a lather, rinse, repeat style.

Flash #1: Hmm, after the disappointment that was Flash: Rebirth, why did I buy this? Curiosity. I like Johns’s writing in general and I liked Manapul’s art on the first arc in Adventure Comics, but here their collaboration just doesn’t work for me. The story is just ok (like Rebirth), and I don’t think Manapul is the right artist for Flash. He might benefit from another inker. I’ll probably stick it out for the first six issues, but I don’t see this being a long term title for me.

Irredeemable Special #1: We get three stories focusing on Hornet, Kaidan, and Max Damage all pre-Plutonian going nuts. I liked the first two stories, especially Hornet’s. The Max Damage story is interesting only in that Howard Chaykin did the art, and we now know how Max and Jailbait were introduced.

Powers #4: After the crapfest that was last issue, we get back to what makes this series good. Walker is investigating a case, and his past continues to resurface, which, on the surface, sounds quite repetitive, but I love Bendis’s writing, so I’m okay with it.

Unwritten #12: Wonderful tale that is a dark homage to the Winnie the Poo stories. The discordance of the foul-mouthed talking rabbit and the children’s story setting was fun to read.

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