New Comics Wednesday (5/26/10) and Some Con Comments

One of these days, I will be posting my reviews of the last few months of comics. I promise! In the meantime, here’s what I will be reading and eventually posting about.

  • Brave and the Bold #34
  • Green Lantern #54
  • Incorruptible #6
  • Superman: War of the Supermen #4–I’ve actually been enjoying this series and can’t wait to read this last issue.

Last Saturday I went to the Spokane Comicon. It was a good distraction for a couple hours. I mostly enjoyed the DC panel and was introduced to the highly entertaining Brandon Jerwa. Plus, I bought 3 superhero t-shirts for $20 (including a really cool jack-o-lantern design that incorporates the bat symbol), and the 1982 Hercules, Prince of Power mini-series for $2. What I didn’t care for was the lack of interesting panels (there were only 5 or 6), and the apparent lack of professionalism. When I paid to get in, I wasn’t given a schedule of events or any other information. During the DC panel, the moderator didn’t even tell us what the panel was or who the guys at the table were!  I’ll have to see who the guests are for next year and what the panels are before I decide if I go next May. I realize this is a very young con, and I really want to support a “local” comicon, but they really need to bump up the professionalism/organizational savvy to keep my interest (and that of the casual con-goer).

3 thoughts on “New Comics Wednesday (5/26/10) and Some Con Comments

  1. Eric P. I. May 30, 2010 / 4:41 am

    "I do appreciate your feedback because I realize you can't please everyone and we want to do what ever it takes to continue to improve."This is precisely the kind of professionalism I am glad to see coming from a con coodinator, Mr. O'Brien. Thank you for your response!


  2. NPH May 29, 2010 / 9:59 pm

    Hey there, for the record we did hand out program of events but depending on what time of the day you came in we ran out. We did have two screens on all day running a power point presentation that had our entire program of events on it too. I know that my man who hosted the DC panel was a bit nervous and that's why he forgot the intros. Things like that happen, and nobody is perfect. I was really shocked to read your comments about bumping up the "professionalism/organizational savvy" as this is the first we've ever heard such a thing. For being a small town con we've received nothing but rave reviews from Guests, dealers and fans. I do appreciate your feedback because I realize you can't please everyone and we want to do what ever it takes to continue to improve. feel free to email me if you have any further suggestions. spokanecomicon@yahoo.comBest,Nathan O'BrienSpokane Comicon Founder & Coordinator


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