New Comics Wednesday (5/19/10)

Wow! Lots o’ new #1 stuff waiting for me this week.

  • Brightest Day #2
  • DC Universe: Legacies #1–I’m really looking forward to reading this. I hope it isn’t crap.
  • JLA #45
  • Legion of Superheroes #1–!!! With Paul Levitz back on the title! Not strictly MY Legion, but still.
  • Superman: War of the Supermen #3
  • Zatanna #1–This could be good or not. I hope it’s the former.

Avengers #1 is also out this week, but I decided not to pick up the series for budgetary reasons. :( Also of note is the Spokane Comicon this Saturday. I plan to be there. All I have to do now is update my wishlist.

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