New Comics Wednesday (5/5/10)

Ok, things return to normal in that I actually have comics this week! It was very strange to not have any come in last week. But this week’s comics return with a vengeance!

  • Batman & Robin #12
  • Brightest Day #1–The next event(ish) starts here. Actually, it started with the #0 issue that read more like a #1. I don’t understand the whole #0 issues sometimes. 
  • Buffy, Season 8 #35
  • I, Zombie #1–Excited and nervous about this one. I like the premise, but it could go horribly wrong.
  • Incorruptible #5
  • Irredeemable #13–I wish they wouldn’t release this and Incorruptible in the same week. No particular reason except to balance the load a bit.
  • Superman: War of the Supermen #1–I’m a sucker for event books, what can I say? And I feel bad for not getting any Superman comics for some reason.

Did everyone have a great Free Comic Book Day? I participated in the event for the first time this year by traveling to Spokane’s Comic Book Shop. It was really cool to be in the crowd that included many, many children all getting comics! I felt for Matt who manned the register for a good hour straight before he had two seconds to say hi to me. It was exciting in a very nerdly way, but I enjoyed it. I picked up the War of the Supermen #0 issue (see? There it is again!) and the Tick issue, which was fun to read.


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