New Comics Wednesday (4/21/10)

My new comics for this week:

  • Brave and the Bold #33
  • Green Lantern #53
  • Justice League of America #44

I haven’t kept up on the news coming out of C2E2 (a con, based on what I have read, sounds like a lot of fun to attend), but I did just read this from a CBR article:

In response to a fan’s question about a “Showcase”-style anthology, DiDio announced that an anthology miniseries “Weird Worlds” will feature three 10-page stories, with one existing character and two new characters in each monthly issue.

I like the sound of this, though the title doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve been reading Showcase Presents: DC Comics Presents Volume 1 because I love reading about a bunch of superheroes in a book. It’s why I’m sticking with JLA right now, and why I read Brave and the Bold. Or DC could bring back the concept they had in Action Comics Weekly, only make it a big monthly anthology (I’d still like to find out what would have happened with the Lord Malvolio story…).

3 thoughts on “New Comics Wednesday (4/21/10)

  1. the-gaunt-man April 25, 2010 / 2:39 pm

    As I kinda said on Twitter. There are more than a few team books that if they don't right the ships soon I won't be getting anymore. Which is a same, I really like team books. Or I though I did.


  2. Eric P. I. April 24, 2010 / 8:38 pm

    Remember what Geoff Johns said at ECCC10 about Teen Titans going to be good again. I, too, am hoping that JLA will get better, and that the Legion book will be good, but I have my doubts for some reason.


  3. the-gaunt-man April 21, 2010 / 11:37 pm

    Team/team up books are in sad shape right now in my opinon. The only decent ones are Doom Patrol and REBELS(if you can call it a team book). E and I have our fingers crossed for the new Legion book and hoping someone can right the JLA and Teen Titan books. JSA ALL stars I want to like but it just hasn't grabbed me yet, but it's not sad like the others.


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