Pull List Review (March 10 – 17 Comics)

With the exception of the Justice League, Powers, & Spider-Woman issues, this was a pretty good bunch of comics.

Batman & Robin #10: Really? Damien is brainwashed by Talia to betray Batman? Didn’t see that coming ;). I don’t like this development. I think it undermines the character, or maybe it will better serve him and allow him to transcend the brat that Damien’s been depicted as. Also, Alfred and Dick don’t know about the Wayne family history and the “secret” batcave? Just how big is Wayne Manor and the Batcave? There’s an awful lot of convenient plot devices being thrown out here.

Brave & the Bold #32: One of those “no one knows that the hero saves the world on a regular basis” stories, but it was a good Aquaman story. I have to admit, I kind of miss the Silver Age Aquaman as he’s depicted here. He’s bad ass in his own element. The Demon is just an incidental character in this story, and that’s okay with me.

Daytripper #4: I still don’t know what the hell is going on with these vignettes, but I love ’em. Wonderful storytelling.

Irredeemable #12: The heroes get arrested by the government and Tony wonders why his family is scared of him. I’m starting to get annoyed with this series. Let’s move the plot ahead, Mr. Waid, please. I think this would have worked better as a 12-issue limited series.

Justice League: Rise & Fall Special #1: Umm, how did whoever remove Prometheus’s helmet but leave Green Arrow’s arrow still in the guy’s head? Are we to assume that the thief broke the helmet that everyone is so concerned about? I enjoyed the conversation between Wally and Dick about their “graduating” in the hero business and their luck in it so far. And I don’t get why Barry is so mad at GL for the murder. Yes, I know Barry’s a cop and all, but it seems more that Hal would be more mad than Barry, but maybe I just don’t have a handle on Barry’s character since he’s returned. In other words, Barry’s righteous anger seemed forced. Finally, if I were running DC, I wouldn’t have outed Ollie’s murderous act so soon after it happened, let the man stew in some amount of guilt (not guilt that he killed, but because he’s supposed to be a hero and that he let his friends and wife down), but that’s just me.

Powers #3: This whole comic was one extended chase/fight scene. Nothing really happened beyond that except that the artist did such a cool image that they had to print it on the inside back cover page. Oookay.

Siege #3: Bendis is doing awesome at making me want to get the next issue. Last issue, the image of Cap’s shield reflected on Osborne’s armor, getting closer & closer was just cool. This time, Sentry looks to be some kind of monster from hell that everyone–heroes & villains–I’m sure will have to band together to fight. I know this totally off the wall, but is this somehow paving the way for Marvelman’s entry into the Marvel U?

Spider-Woman #7: The last issue, as confirmed by the note in the back. Poor Mr. Maleev had done the equivalent of 22 issues in a year (because of the stupid motion comic) and was burned out on the character. Bendis doesn’t want to do the book without him, so they on a break. Oh, but they doing a creator-owned book together that they’re both excited about and they’re sure we will be too! This doesn’t pass the smell test for me. Well, I enjoyed it while it lasted, and the covers have been beautiful.

Titans #23: I got this only because I read the preview pages DC had posted. It’s a fine little story telling of the strife that Roy caused in the lives of his fellow Titans when they were younger. I enjoyed this one. I’m just mad as to why the story is being told in the first place.

Unwritten #11: Another fine story, only Tom is now going on the offensive a bit. He’s starting to understand that he has power and is using it. Looking forward to next issue.

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