Pull List Review (Feb. 17 – March 3 Comics)

Adventure Comics #8: Hmm, I just don’t know what to think of this comic. It’s now getting truer to its roots in that we are getting multiple adventurous stories, but I’m not sure where they are going with it, especially since we have a bunch of Legionnaires in it and the new ongoing LSH is coming soon. Regardless, overall I didn’t care for the issue primarily since this is just one big advert for Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton, which I don’t care about. Also, I hate Sensor Girl’s cleavage showing costume.

Batman & Robin #9: While I enjoyed this issue with the defective Batman clone, I really, really hated the lolspeakesque dialog Morrison used (for example: “Wear. R. U, boy wundr?”). But there was a really good page showing the images in the clone’s head–you kind of felt sorry for the guy. It ended with Dick coming around to Tim Drake’s way of thinking: Bruce is alive and they have to find him. Hey! Just in time for the Return of Bruce Wayne series. Funny how that works. :)

Blackest Night #7: Lots o’ fighting ensues, and then we get the revelation that there is a living embodiment of life (the white light) buried on Earth (why must cosmic happenings be tied to Earth? I know, I know…). Best thing about this issue is that **SPOILER** Sinestro bonds with the creature, thus becoming the first White Lantern. There are a few nice bits in this issue: Dove just casually walking toward the Black Lantern battery as Black Lanterns explode around her; Lex Luthor admitting under the power of the lasso of truth that all he really wants is to be Superman, to which Wonder Woman responds with “Of course you do.” Heh. Can’t wait to see how this ends.

Blackest Night: Flash #3: Glad that’s over with. While it’s neat to see Barry in a blue suit this issue, this whole mini was a waste. It really should have been called BN: Rogue’s Revenge and focused on those characters–it probably would have been a better series. I can’t decide if this is the worst of the three issue BN minis, or Wonder Woman. At least BN: Wonder Woman had better art.

Blackest Night: JSA #3: Despite most of this series being one big fight scene, it was a pretty good read and the art was good as well. The only things that fell really flat for me were 1) Wildcat wasn’t killed and 2) the whole Jesse Quick bit. Hmm, maybe at next year’s ECCC I will ask anyone who works at DC when Wildcat will die…. :)

Buffy, Season 8 #33: Twilight is revealed, and he’s **SPOILER**(not so sure it is now) Angel? As I was reading this issue, before Twilight was unmasked, I thought of three people Twilight could be: Angel, Spike, or Jonathan. I thought it would be Spike, or I wanted it to be, but that wouldn’t make any sense given Spike’s character. I guess I’d just like to see Spike in this comic. This whole Twilight thing has given some buzz back to the series, especially now that we know he’s Angel. I’m looking forward to what comes next.  And I loved how they addressed the name thing:

‘Nuff said. :)

Detective Comics #862: This whole Cutter story is not that good. A serial killer getting the best of an inexperienced Batwoman, yeah I can see that, but a stalker getting the best of Batman? C’mon. And what is with the one-name artist, Jock? Is he somebody and I just missed it? If he is someone special, I don’t know why.

Flash: Rebirth #6: When Geoff Johns brought back Green Lantern in Rebirth, it was really cool. Him bringing back the Flash in this Rebirth? As Mork from Ork would say: hum-drum. For a guy who can run super fast, this whole series came across slow and plodding, like Barry was depicted in the Silver Age. Was that what they were going for? Somehow I doubt it. There are seeds planted for the upcoming ongoing series, which I will be getting to see if it’s any better than this mini, and because I know that Johns can tell a really good story. This one wasn’t it, however. But I totally dug the last line. Barry shows up at his welcome back party at the JLA HQ and says, “Sorry I’m late.” Hah!

Green Lantern #51: This was really good. Using Parallax, the Black Lantern Spectre is defeated, Hal is released from Parallax, and Spectre is proven to be powerless against a being with no soul (Nekron). This is really good companion stuff to the main Blackest Night title.

Incorruptible #3: I wanted to see Max Damage doing bad things, even if it’s in the interest of good, and I’m not disappointed here. Much of this issue is also an origin story of sorts, or, more precisely, a turning over a new leaf story. Max was about to unleash a deadly virus/toxin that would surely wipe out millions (because, you know, he lives his life with only two senses and he’s very angry about it) when Plutonian shows up to kill everyone. I am still really liking this series and in many ways more than Irredeemable.

Irredeemable #11: Bette Noir’s secret is explained (she wanted something more than what she was getting with Gilgamos): she seduced Plutonian, and in doing so discovered that a magical candle could render Tony vulnerable. I like this book, but I’m not sure where this story is going.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #7: Wow was there a lot of noise about this issue. **SPOILERS AHEAD** I didn’t see how they would top Roy’s arm ripping panel from a few issues ago, but here they do (though not in a good way). One of the things I liked about Roy Harper was that he had a daughter and was, despite being a superhero, a good father. Now that’s been taken from him, as well as his arm. I’ve read a lot about what all this means to Ollie, but everyone seems to forget that Lian is Roy’s daughter, but maybe that’s what the Rise of Arsenal mini will address? Regardless, I liked this series overall. Sure the plot meandered at times, and the art wasn’t always that great, especially the last issue, and I even called this series exceptional in previous reviews, but looking back on it, and with the ending in mind, some of it was exceptional, most was good, and bits were just dreadful.

JLA #42: The newest JLA takes down Atlas, but that’s not what’s important. I loved the internal monologues of each of the characters, especially when Dick thinks it’s weird giving orders to Hal, and Hal thinks that it’s weird taking orders from Dick. I hope they play with that concept a bit more in later issues. Also, Bagley’s art is less grating to me. Am I getting used to it, or is he getting better?

Spider-Woman #6: Jessica takes down the Thunderbolts. That’s pretty much it. It is a pretty book-long fight scene though. Unfortunately, I’m a little bitter about this book right now. I just found out that #7 will be the last issue for a while or possibly ever. I was so looking forward to a long-term story under Bendis and Maleev with this character, but apparently Maleev needs a break and Bendis doesn’t want to do the book without him. Meh.

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