New Comics Wednesday (3/3/10) & a Movie Review

My second favorite day of the week (not even new comic day trumps end-of-the-work-week Friday!) brings me the following:

  • Adventure Comics #8
  • Buffy, Season 8 #33–Is this the one where I find out who Twilight is?
  • Detective Comics #862
  • Justice League: Cry for Justice #7–YES!!! Can’t wait to read this.

I also see that the final Planetary volume has been released in hardcover. Sigh. Now I’ll have to wait up to a year to get the trade and find out what happens in the end of the series.

Last Friday I sat down to watch the latest animated movie from DC Entertainment, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. I really, really enjoyed this movie. They didn’t waste time explaining who everybody was and what their origin story was, they just got right into the story, which I very much appreciated. It was neat to see the Crime Syndicate’s counterparts to our heroes, especially Jester. I didn’t care for how they changed Vixen’s counterpart, but I suppose her being able to morph into animals is easier to explain (or not) how Vixen takes on animal qualities–a minor quibble. I thought the plot was solid, and the characterizations were pretty darn good. This is probably one of the best renditions of the Justice League. And Batman was depicted as the cool, you don’t want to mess with him version. In fact, he comes across as a master manipulator, and is willing to sacrifice certain people to the benefit of others and the greater good. On the other hand, he comes across as a little weak physically in comparison to his Crime Syndicate counterpart, but maybe that’s just to show how far Owlman was willing to go to win, whereas Batman isn’t, but that wasn’t made as clear to me. Most of the JLers get pretty good screen time, though I thought Green Lantern got short shrift. One of the coolest things about the movie was the fight scenes. It looked like they put a lot of choreography into the fights as opposed to what normally passes as superhero fights.

The voice casting was for the most part good, but there were a few choices I didn’t care for. Most of the principals were well voiced. I liked Mark Harmon’s Superman, as well as Gina Torres’ Superwoman. I liked, too, Vanessa Marshall’s Wonder Woman, even though she didn’t say much. The Flash’s voice reminded me a lot of Michael Rosenbaum (and the characterization Rosenbaum did in the JL series, especially the goofy humor), and I couldn’t even say anything about Green Lantern, his dialog, and presence, was so forgettable (which is also fascinating to me since in the promo for the movie, Green Lantern is listed by name after the Big 3, preceding “and the rest of the Justice League”). But the best voice in the movie belongs to James Woods’ Owlman. He came across as sinister, but calm. Not at all like the scary voiced Batman that we’ve sometimes heard, and in some ways, I find that even creepier. Speaking of Batman, what was Andrea Romano smoking when she cast William Baldwin as Batman? I found his voice too breathy for Batman, but I (perhaps unfairly) compare all Batman voices to Kevin Conroy’s work. He is, in my mind, the definitive Batman.

One of the other things I always find interesting in these DC movies is the changes they make in how the characters look. I loved how J’onn J’onzz was depicted, both in mannerisms and look. It was similar to his post-Infinite Crisis look, which I find quite interesting. On the other hand, why did they add those lines to Batman’s face? It made him look old. They did a similar thing to Superman’s face in Superman: Doomsday and I just don’t understand why.

I am loving, for the most part, these movies from DC. Next up this year is Batman: Under the Red Hood, which includes Bruce Greenwood as Batman and Neil Patrick Harris voicing Nightwing. It looks to be pretty good.


One thought on “New Comics Wednesday (3/3/10) & a Movie Review

  1. Eric P. I. March 5, 2010 / 2:45 pm

    Dude, you are hard core. I love Planetary, but paying hard cover price (even discounted)… no way! :)


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