Lots o’ DC News (and a pull list, too!)

Did you read the news about DC’s new management team? I am hopeful, but doubtful, that this strategy will work well. Having co-publishers and a creative director (regardless of who they are) seems like top-heavy management to me, and that rarely, if ever, works. I also worry that Geoff Johns will be spreading himself too thin, but maybe he’ll be able to bring some cohesiveness to the DCU? Also, if DC and Warner Bros. are able to work better together, maybe we can get other properties featuring the DCU out the door (as long as they’re quality projects, something only the animated shows and films have been able to accomplish for the most part).

Speaking of other properties featuring DCU characters, I bought the new animated film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths yesterday. I’m really looking forward to watching this with my grandkids. Yes, they actually like watching superhero films with their nerdy grandpa. :)  Also, I watched the Geoff Johns’ penned Smallville episode “Absolute Justice”, featuring the JSA. What a stinker. I still see, seven years later, why I stopped watching that show. The plot, for a two-hour movie, was brittle thin–an out for revenge, second generation Icicle killing JSA members? Ho-hum.  And my god the actor playing the bratty Icicle loved cheese. Michael Shanks’ job as Hawkman was okay, when he wasn’t actually dressed up as Hawkman. He tried to do the Christian Bale style of talking like a gruff, dark superhero. Gag. Speaking of the costumes, though, those were pretty darn good, especially Dr. Fate’s. Watch it if you love Smallville, or are curious how the JSA was translated to the small screen, but otherwise don’t bother.

Finally, this is what I’m getting in this week:

  • Batman & Robin #9
  • Blackest Night #7–!!! The penultimate issue.
  • Blackest Night: JSA #3
  • Flash: Rebirth #6–Holy cats! It’s in! Will it be worth the wait (doubtful).
  • Irredeemable #11

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