Pull List Review (Jan. 27 – Feb. 10 Comics, Part 2)

Adventure Comics #7: When I saw this had been released, I had assumed that the Black Lantern Superboy was Superboy Prime and I was disappointed. Well, I was wrong. It is the Connor Kent Superboy taken over by the Black Lantern ring, and the issue wasn’t half bad. It’s better than many of the BN tie-ins I’ve read recently. Much of the issue is spent with BL Superboy fighting Wonder Girl, but what makes this story somewhat interesting is that Connor’s consciousness keeps trying to assert itself and overtake the BL persona, something I don’t think has been shown thus far. With the help of Wonder Girl and Krypto (in his best appearance in this title), and some time travelling trickery, Connor is able to defeat his BL self.

Buffy, Season 8 #32: Comic geekery abounds in this issue as Xander helps figure out what else Buffy can do besides fly. So much geekery in fact that there’s an Ultra Boy reference (“Try penetra-vision!”) & a dig at Kitty Pryde. Also, the last panel has the bad guy–Twilight–in the foreground, but the background image is the bridge of TOS Enterprise.

Detective Comics #861: No more JH Williams, III art: :_-( What we get is a flashback tale detailing the first meeting of Batman and Batwoman. I guess I’ll stop getting this title soon and wait for the Batwoman title.

Green Lantern #50: Most of this issue is spent with everyone fighting the Black Lantern Spectre. But the group quickly finds that they need help. Hal conveniently recalls that Spectre seems to be afraid of Parallax, and decides to fuse again with the avatar of fear. Lots of pretty colors and plot forwarding, but not much in characterization (though I liked it when Hal kissed Carol).

Irredeemable #10: Talk about a lot of stuff going on, this issue has that, and even a little character development. I’m wondering when the possessed Sam will strike at Tony (or maybe form an alliance?), and what Bette’s real secret is.

Siege #1 & 2: A Marvel comic, I know! And a Marvel event comic! Double I know! The beginning of the end of Osborn’s reign starts here when he takes it upon himself to attack Asgard. That attack does not end well for Ares as Sentry takes him apart, literally. And the last page of #2 is just freaking awesome! You have to see it.

Superman: Secret Origin #4: Ugh. This is such a chore to read because of the art. I know I say this every time, but god, it’s horrible! If this had been an ongoing, or a longer limited series, I would have dropped it by now. Plus, the origin of Parasite is just lame. LexCorp employees are going to wheel barrels of toxic sludge through common hallways? Please. Oh, and stupidest Silver Age Superman power to make a comeback? Freeze breath. D U M B. How is that even explainable for a guy who gains many of his powers from the sun (and shoots heat beams from his eyes?)?

Unwritten #10: Man, I love the covers for this series–they are gorgeous. The magic in Tom’s life gets notched up to 12 as he breaks free from prison and enters a ghost time period in Nazi Germany (I’n m not sure how else to describe it), and encounters a German officer who can see him, and, at the end **SPOILER**, is able to shoot Tom. How will Tom get out of this one?

World’s Finest #4: Here it is, the whole reason I wanted to get this mini. Dick Grayson Batman teams up with Superman. It was kind of a let down, really. But the one little pay off was the next to last page where Superman asks Dick for his trust, just as Bruce always trusted Superman. I see this mini now as a precursor to the war with New Krypton that’s coming later this year. Unless you really like the characters spotlighted in this series, don’t bother reading it.

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