Pull List Review (Jan. 27 – Feb. 10 Comics, Part 1)

Batman and Robin #7 & 8: After spending six issues establishing Dick as the new Batman, Morrison turns Dick into the insecure 10-year-old who is so desperate for daddy’s approval, he takes Bruce’s body to a recently discovered Lazarus pit in London. I’m sure Morrison had a wonderful time with the “local” flavor, especially of the bad guys (I was amused at any rate). England’s equivalent (I guess) of Batman & Robin–Knight & Squire–make an appearance, though I only knew of Squire from the Battle of the Cowl mini. Batwoman, too, makes an appearance, but she is just wasted in this story so far, other than being the voice of reason; of course, Dick promptly ignores her. After they dump Bruce’s body into the pit, he comes back even a little more off than one does after being in a Lazarus pit. We quickly find out that the body Alfred and Dick stored away is a clone created during Final Crisis. So, if Dick has Bruce’s body, and Batwoman says something about what the world went though regarding the dead coming back (Blackest Night reference), then is this the same body whose skull Black Hand took? I assume then that Alfred and Dick exhumed Bruce’s body (still in the Batman costume–creepy, eh?) and placed it somewhere safe? And how does this all fit with Batman’s “death” as seen in Final Crisis? It’s a wild ride when reading Morrison, for sure, even if it doesn’t make any sense. In any case, the ending of issue 8 has me wanting to read the next issue.

Blackest Night: JSA #2: I have to admit, this mini is pretty good so far. The art is really good, and the writing almost had me believing in the Black Lanterns who appeared to be “good”. And this issue had another great cliffhanger ending. Kal-L is back!

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3: I have not liked this mini mainly because of the disjointed way it has been told, but I heard on a recent Word Ballon podcast featuring Greg Rucka that it wasn’t intended to be a linear 1-2-3 issue told story, but vignettes pertaining to the Blackest Night event as they revolved around Wonder Woman, and that made it a bit easier for me to digest (but just barely). This last issue is the best of the three though. The Nicola Scott art is beautiful (I need to find me more of her stuff to read), and the (to me) revelation that Diana loved Bruce Wayne was wonderful, especially coupled with the animated Justice League flirtation with the same idea many years ago. Is this a new revelation thrown in, or has it been touched on before somewhere else? In any case, I hope they explore it more after Bruce comes back (but I doubt they will).

Daytripper #1-3: When I read the premise for this Vertigo comic, I knew I wanted to get it, but I didn’t because I was spending too much money on Blackest Night tie-ins at the time. Fortunately, my comic shop still had issues 1 & 2 on the shelves and I had some extra cash, so I bought them. And didn’t read them for a week! Why? I’m not sure. But I did read them right before issue 3 came out and … wow. These are slices of a man’s life that are well written. The art is okay, evoking a style that fits with the setting and characters, so whatever. But the cool thing about this series so far is that the main character ***SPOILER*** dies at the end of issue 1. And 2. And 3. Each issue takes something from the previous issue and expands upon it, but each one so far has ended with the death of the same character at different ages. I don’t know where this is going, but I like it. If you aren’t reading this, you should, but maybe it will be a better read in a trade format.

Justice League of America #41: More team building as Robinson gets his storyline moving in baby steps. I think this is partly due to Bagely’s art style, which to me is slowing down the story too much. Anyway, Donna Troy finds some purpose in getting the JLA back together (at Wonder Woman’s insistence). She goes to get Batman and we get the two best lines in the whole thing. First, after Donna refers to Damien as a kid, he insults her, and then Dick says, “Kid, yes. Drama queen, double yes. There, I said it. Now go off and sulk for a minute, huh?” Priceless! After Donna and Dick talk about Batman joining, Damien yells, “If he’s in, then so am I!” I hope Damien does make appearances in the JLA, just not in the way he would like. :) Oh, and, as predicted, Dr. Light got a new costume.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #6: The penultimate issue, and what a doozy! Oh, wait, I was talking about the Supergirl panel on page one. :) Wow! Best rendering of that character I’ve seen yet. The Scott Clark art and Siya Dum coloring on this book is amazing. Pick up the trade if you haven’t been reading this. Robinson has certainly built up Prometheus as a villain to watch out for (he was described by Robinson, I believe, as the villains’ “Batman”) as he systematically takes out all the ersatz Justice Leaguers. Only the wrath of Donna Troy (and Prometheus’ own overconfidence) takes him down in the end. But that’s not where the story ends, and Ollie isn’t going to have a good year because of what comes next. This has been an exceptional series. I also love the text bits at the end of the issues from Mr. Robinson explaining and delving into some characters involved in the series, however incidental.

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