Pull List Review (Dec. 3 – Jan. 20 Comics)

Putting them all together for this super-sized review!

Adventure Comics #6: This was a nice ending to the first storyline, with the exception of the few stories featuring Superboy Prime. I don’t know why they did that, other than to time Blackest Night into the series, but I still don’t see why they needed to do that. They could have just slapped together a Blackest Night: Superboy Prime three-issue tie in and it would have been fine with me (because I wouldn’t have bought it! ;) Sadly, though, this was Geoff Johns’ and Francis Manapul’s last issue of the series. I have to say, I didn’t care for Manapul’s work all that much at first, but it grew on me, and now I’m sad to see him go.

Blackest Night #6: Holy cats! So many lovely bits in this. Hal to Barry: “If we stop this … do we die, Barry?” And they just look at each other for a moment with fear and uncertainty. Brilliant! I love the various colored rings deputizing various characters: Barry epitomizes hope, so he gets a blue ring; Luthor gets an orange ring (of course); the Scarecrow gets a yellow; Mera gets red; Atom gets an indigo ring and says, “Nok.” Hah!; and Diana gets violet because no one loves the planet as much as her–yeah, I thought that was cornball, too. The issue ends with a great two-page spread with the new Guardians of Light (I guess).

Blackest Night: Flash #2: Where I liked the first three Blackest Night tie ins (especially Titans), these next three (Flash, Wonder Woman, & JSA) are disappointing so far. Whereas the first three tie ins told a coherent story, the Flash and Wonder Woman tie ins are disjointed, relying on my having read Blackest Night #6 to make some sense of the story. And really, they should have named this series Blackest Night: Rogues Revenge 2 or something, because Johns clearly wants to tell a Rogues story, not a Flash story.

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2: At least with BN: Flash the story flowed from issue 1 to 2. Here, it’s as if you’re missing a chapter (but not if you read BN #6–I hate that). This issue is just filling in the gap between the few-panels’ fight scene between Diana and Mera. The only interesting bit about this is the end when Aphrodite shows up, and only interesting to me because I wonder how the goddess ties into the Star Sapphires’ realm of Love.

Brave & the Bold #31: Wow, after the love I was feeling toward JMS’s work on this title so far, he went and gave me a clunker. Nothing really special here, and the “disturbing” quality/ending of the issue is so lame. We do get to see Ray Palmer get to be a little bit (I guess quite literally too) bad ass, though.

Buffy, Season 8 #31: The first wave of the war against the Slayers is over and both sides are picking up the pieces. And Buffy can fly now?! Also, Xander and Dawn’s relationship is outed for everyone. I’m curious to see how this little war will end. Maybe that will be the end of the Season 8 arc? I don’t know that I will read a Season 9 if one comes out.

Incorruptible #2: Good second issue. I really like the premise of this more than Irredeemable, I have to say, but I will need to see ol’ Max Damage slip up from time to time (and him hitting the cops who gunned down a guy he was trying to save doesn’t really count). You can’t just flip a switch and suddenly be a “good” guy all the time. In fact, reading this issue makes me want to go tell my own series of stories about a former “bad” guy who goes to the side of the angels and how that works for him and his former allies and adversaries. I like this idea that Max only gets a few hours of the day (after he sleeps apparently) where he can actually feel anything (and shave and enjoy physical pleasures).

Mighty #12: The end. This was an okay series in the end after an amazing, if slow, start. At least there was a happy ending to it. I won’t be getting The Mighty, series two, though.

Spider-Woman #5: Not a whole lot goes on in this issue, but I liked it (and I totally dig the covers). Bendis is king of the cliffhanger endings.

Starman #81: This is a Blackest Night tie in, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Shad was always a more interesting character to me in the Starman series than the main character. If James Robinson did a Shade series (ongoing or mini), I’d buy it.

Unwritten #9: Tom makes his way out of the French prison, but not before a lot of people die, including the children of the warden in a slightly disturbing scene. Peter Gross almost conveys the emotion I wanted to see on Tom’s face after the children die, but then Mike Carey adds a bit of explanatory text to help with it and I think that was the wrong choice. Not sure what the ghost of Roland is doing, but I totally saw Ambrosio’s return ahead of time (okay, it was a few panels before the reveal, but still).

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