New Comics Wednesday (1/20/10)

I am so jonesing for my comics. Good thing I’ll be going to my favorite store on Earth this weekend!

  • Blackest Night: Flash #2
  • Brave & the Bold #31
  • Starman #81–Blackest Night tie-in. I recently read that Jim Robinson wants to do more with Opal City and the Shade (but not Jack Knight). You know what? I’m cool with that. The Shade was always the more interesting character in Starman to me anyway.
  • Spider-Woman #5
  • Incorruptible #2

The newest JLA trade (Sanctuary) is out, so I’ll get that eventually (but no rush as I know it isn’t that good). Parting shot: Did you hear that AMC approved The Walking Dead pilot ( Will this actually make it to the screen? If so, will anyone watch it?

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