New Comics Wednesday & News! (1/12/10)

What’s new for me this week?

  • Adventure Comics #6
  • Unwritten #9
  • Buffy, Season 8 #31

A light week for me, but it’s just as well considering the news from DC about the Brightest Day. The Source has posted a few bits about what’s to come after Blackest Night. I have to say I’m not all that impressed, especially with the Brightest Day: Titans. Where the Blackest Night: Titans was the best tie-in I’ve read so far, I just can’t get behind this villain-run team under the Titans banner. I have no interest in this whatsoever. Changing my mind, however, is the Flash monthly that will be under the Brightest Day banner. I’d read somewhere, too, that Wally West will be the Flash co-feature, and that may be what tips me over to reading Flash again. Finally, I am a little disappointed that the JLA book will continue to be affected by the company’s next event–I just want Robinson to tell a good, non-event story with these characters. I guess I’ll just have to see. Finally, there’s this bit showing the cover to The Return of Bruce Wayne #1: DUMB! I don’t care for any Kubert’s art, and the image of Bruce Wayne wearing a giant bat head? Really, really dumb.

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