Pull List Review (December 23 Comics)

Trying something different. I will be reading these and typing my notes as I go. I apologize for the likely messiness.

Blackest Night: JSA #1: I would think the younger members of the team would have a bit more fear in them than what the Black Lanterns are seeing–it doesn’t ring true! * Heh–“S. Rogers” killed by a Black Lantern. * DC needs to spotlight Liberty Belle more–I like this character. * Hah! Finally, somebody (Power Girl) puts Wildcat in his place (why won’t he just die?!). * The new Dr. Fate mentioned a fight with the original (now Black Lantern) Fate. Where was that? I want to read that. I liked this first issue so far.

Buffy Season 8: Willow: Harry Potter derivative. Hah! * Kennedy!!! (Yes, I am one of the few Buffy fans that actually liked Kennedy.)  * You can sure tell that Joss has the writing reigns (it’s a good thing). Willow: “Why can I only speak like old-person radio?” Hah! * Tara! How sad and sweet. * I love the textual tears of one of the goddesses (?) (reminds me of a story I wrote long ago…). * Hey! That got real good and it’s over? I need one more issue (or two). Best Buffy Season 8 story in a long time.

And now a few contemplative words.  I go on and on about JH Williams’s artwork, but I neglect my other favorite, Buffy cover artist Jo Chen. Just look at that beautiful cover (and I don’t just mean the sexiness of it). The lines and colors and the realism of it (well, of the titular character anyway).  Lovely stuff. Makes me mad that I didn’t get all of the Buffy Season 8 Jo Chen covers so far from my comic shop. I definitely will be swapping those out if I can.

Detective Comics #860: Hey, it’s like the scene from Batman: Year One where Bruce goes out in disguise but not yet as Batman. * I love the bits between Renee and Kate–need more of that in the now. * What kind of a father allows this insanity? A comic book dad. :) * Beautiful segue from past to present. The one red-colored panel: a bit cliched, but still effective.

Green Lantern #49: Nice use of John’s Marine past to aid him in his fight a la the power ring. * Oh, poor Katma Tui–I always liked her. * I don’t know what people are saying about this issue–this is a good John Stewart story. * Lovely two-page spread: “Move out!” * The ending: oh, crap. * What’s this? A six-page addendum to Blackest Night #5? Wherein we get the Black Lantern’s take on this war. Meh. Old argument.

Irredeemable #9: Is that supposed to be President Gore??? * Wow. It took only four years between the formation of the supergroup the Paradigm and the fall of the Plutonian? * Charybdis, you overconfident fool. * Man, it sucks to lose the lottery in the Situation Room. * Hoo-wee! Cool reveal, but is the Plutonian that stupid? * And another hero falls like the Plutonian. Didn’t these guys read Spider-Man? “With great power…” etc., etc.

Powers #2: I don’t care if it’s a vampire baby–impaling it is just gross. * “Frodo is dead”? Inside joke, Bendis? * This Walker seems to be tired and a little less careful with his words than when he was with Deena. * Bendis certainly knows how to end an issue on a cliffhanger. Wow. This new case is certainly starting to heat up.

Spider-Woman #4: Oh, yeah. Hope this is as good as I think it will be. (And two Bendis penned issues in a row!) * Oops. No need for the idea echo, Bendis. Sloppy writing. I know you’re going for how much whatsherface gets Jessica, but still, unnecessary. * Love the internal Jessica monologues. * Holy cats, that’s a big Skrull. * “I was born broken.”–I like it and loathe it at the same time. * Another great (and very nearly literal) cliffhanger ending. I love this character.

World’s Finest #3: Feel like I’ve stepped into a buddy superhero story featuring Catwoman and Batgirl, but only for one splash page. * Wait, did the art just change? * Supergirl, crawling out from a sewer: “Ugh. You bat-guys certainly like the grit.” Hah! Also, when talking about Batman: “I’m, sad he’s gone.” * This issue is full of good one liners. The bit about lead-based paint being the reason for all the Gotham crazies. Mr. Freeze saying “Cool,”? Not a good one. I thought crap lines like that went out with the Batman and Robin film. * Now why would Toyman build a Superman/Batman composite robot to get rid of aliens??? * Woo! It looks like (Dick Grayson) Batman and Superman are finally teaming up. Yes!

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