Pull List Review (December 16 Comics)

Brave & the Bold #30: I have to admit, when DC starting plastering “Lost Stories of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” on the covers I was not happy. I really liked what they were doing with this series when it first came out, but then something shifted editorially and the title sort of went downhill for me. These JMS penned stories, however, are getting better and better. I’ve always liked Dr. Fate (and am intrigued by the new one they’ve been showing in JSA), and here we get more than just a team up tale–it has a bit of emotional weight.

Incorruptible #1: The inverse of Irredeemable. I love the idea of this, especially in relation to the sister book, but at first I was not impressed with the art–too cartoonish I thought–but it’s growing on me. And kudos to the artists for the shot of Max Damage’s face after he’s helped capture his former criminal friends–I thought that really conveyed the turmoil this character must be feeling. Looking forward to what’s coming next. I just wished we got more than 22 pages for $3.99. C’mon Boom! Studios. Less preview pages of other comics, and more of the comic I bought. In general, this $3.99 price point will begin to severely limit what I buy unless it is very good. Maybe it’s time I go back to my idea of only buying trades.
Justice League of America #40: Where DC is getting it right with Brave and the Bold, they’re missing the target for what should be the company’s flagship book. A pity they couldn’t keep Brad Meltzer around longer. Anyway, Black Lanterns continue their assault on what is left of the Justice League, with the focus of this issue being primarily on the Doctors Light. And I can only guess that the nudification* of the female Dr. Light means a new costume in the future. This issue ends the interstitial “story” by the current creative team, and next issue we get the new JLA, which is why I’m still reading this turkey (it hasn’t been as bad as JSA–despite the fact that Mark Bagley is drawing it). Three former Titans on the big team? I can’t miss that. I just hope Robinson is up to the task.
*What is up with Bagley’s penchant for drawing female superheroes the way he does? From what I’ve seen so far in JLA, their costumes are ripped, they’re usually wounded, which causes them to hold themselves in a way that accentuates their breasts. I’m a 41-year-old comic collector and I’m offended by this depiction.

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